We had a special visit from The Panto Bus who performed a fantastic pantomime, Rapunzel!

87 responses to “Rapunzel Pantomime 2019”

  1. Saira S.

    I have watched rapunzel in a theatre but it wasn’t as good as this one

  2. Yumna M.

    It was really good ๐Ÿ‘

  3. Bayleigh M.

    It was so so so so so exsiteing to watch it .๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜…

  4. Cara-Jade S.

    It was alright.Yup alright.

  5. Anaya R.

    I love the pantomime because it was funny and fun.

  6. Ramandeep K.

    I loved the panter mineโ„๏ธ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ

  7. Mohammad M.

    It was so much fun

  8. Luxor A.

    It was amazing.it was like there were the real actors.

  9. Ayeza Z.

    Sooo sad missed it

  10. Havin A.

    Thank you Mrs Frankish. I loved the pantomime as it was my first so I know what it’s like now and rapunzel is one if my favourite princesses.

    1. Head Teacher

      That is great to hear, pleased your enjoyed it.

  11. Rasan M.

    The pantomime was amazing,I really enjoyed it!

  12. Saskia S.

    It was lots of fun to see the panto and them coming. Thankyou

    1. Head Teacher

      You are welcome.

  13. Afreen S.

    Thank you for the pantomime

    1. Head Teacher

      Thank you for sending a message.

  14. Samik S.

    That was wonderful.

  15. Bethany M.

    Wow the panto was the best ever Mrs Frankish you are the best for all the things you do for us we are very lucky thank you.

  16. Muhammad J.

    l like the muvey and they were funny wen they danst and kisst 2time and the eavil wich and the wich smelly and she stole
    The baby.

  17. Leon T.

    Thank you Mrs Frankish for the treat and I enjoyed the pantomime

    1. Head Teacher

      You are very welcome and have lovely manners.

  18. Amelia H.

    It was fun I enjoyed it ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  19. Kevin R.


  20. Manvi R.

    Thank you Mrs Frankish for the pantomime. I really enjoyed it.

  21. Aamina B.

    It was amazing!Thank you Mrs Frankish!

    1. Head Teacher

      Great and thank you!

  22. Sumaya O.

    The pantomime was good and I enjoyed it.

  23. Scarlett D.

    Thank you Mrs frankish for organising the pantomine. It was fun

    1. Head Teacher

      You are very welcome Scaerlett and deserve it.

  24. Scarlett D.

    Thank you Mrs frankish for organising the pantomine.

  25. Safa H.

    Thank you for letting us have a panto.

    1. Head Teacher

      Very welcome.

  26. Jawariyah A.

    It was very fun

  27. Umaiyah A.

    It was fantastic!Thank you Mrs Frankish

    1. Head Teacher

      Great so pleased you loved it, you deserve to!

  28. Boluwatife I.


    1. Head Teacher

      Really pleased because you are a super girl.

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