This week we read chapter 3 from the ’Boy In The Tower’ We began to find more information out about the narrator and new characters were introduced to this chapter.

For this weeks homework can you read chapters 4, 5 and 6 please. Answer the questions below and use a range of evidence to support your answers.

  1. What have you learnt about Ade’s mum so far?
  2. What do you think is the matter with Ade’s mum?
  3. What is your evidence for thinking this?
  4. What would you advise Ade’s mum to do?

Can you find the definition for the words- Irritable, anxiety, apprehensive, traumatic.

WHAT IS A BLUCHER? Draw and label your ideas. What do you predict these Bluchers will do?

6 responses to “Reading Gladiators, group 2.”

  1. Lillie S.

    I completed this work yesterday

  2. Ayaan B.

    I have learnt that Ade’s mum is acting strange
    I think she is possessed by the bluchers
    I think this because she had red eyes and no one has came out since the blutchers so it could be a virus
    I would advice Ade’s mum to fight back the possession and Ade should find a cure and explore

    1. Ayaan B.

      I will complete the BLUTCHER work

    2. Mrs Diaz

      A good start Ayaan, well done. Where is your evidence from the book to support your answers? Why is Ade’s mum acting strange? Explain. Can I also have the words with the full definitions in sentences please. Does irritable mean medicine? Write the answers and definitions on a piece of paper and bring them to the next group please.

  3. Maryam G.

    I have completed this work.

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Looking forward to seeing it Maryam.

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