Each week you will be set a piece of Literacy and Mathematics homework online to complete. There is also a WOW homework which is optional.

The homework will be set every Friday and needs to be completed by Wednesday of the following week in your homework books and uploaded to your class links below.

Leave a comment on the blog when you have completed your homework.

Please view the Homework Planner below…

Literacy Homework Challenges

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Learn to read and write the words below. To challenge yourself further choose a word and write a sentence.

Mathematics Homework Challenges

Education City Learning (Just click on the icon and enter your login details): Share Bears, Hustle and Bustle.

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Please Upload your homework on Sharepoint via your class links below.

R Red click here

RBlue click here

RWhite click here

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    Warizah completed her education city

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    I just sent amelia english homework in i forgot fo send it

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    I did it👩‍🏫👩

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    Maryum did education city she got 100percent forgot to comment earlier

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    Sarah completed the bronze challenge.
    She has got 100% on education city

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    Aiyla has completed her homework i have uploaded it

    100% on education city for both

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    Lily has completed her homework. Photo sent.

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    I have submitted auroras homework for last week and this week she has also completed all of her tasks on education city

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    Oliver send his homework by sharepoint

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    Sulaiman completed all 3 homework. Thank you.

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    Mustafa completed all the homework set. Thanks

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    Yusuf has done his literacy homework with challenge. He has also done the two mathematics games. 😀

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    Freya did bronze and silver
    And maths

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    Huzaifa has completed both his Literacy and maths homework on the education city. Pictures has been uploaded. Thanks.

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