34 responses to “Reception Reading Challenge – Summer 1”

  1. Shamsa A.

    Kipper :oh i forget my tedy bear in the bus.
    Mum: quickly let’s go and get it before the bus leaves.

  2. Hadi A.

    Kipper is saying I lost my teddy bear.
    Mum is saying forget it

  3. Yosias A.

    Kipper saying I’m losing my tedy on train
    mam saying why you lost next time keep your toy at home or look after

  4. Rosie Chatters

    Kipper is saying oh no I left my teddy on the bus.

    Mummy is saying oh should we go back for it?.

    Kipper says yes.

  5. Sami J.

    Reading challeng complyted

  6. Sami J.

    Kip said I left my teddy in the bus.
    Mum said what how I dont no said Kip dont worry said Mum
    i will run and get it.Huu huu huu huu who no said Mum the
    bus is gon I will tell Kip huu huu huu huu the bus is gon
    No No No whiy said Kip it is your teddy said Mum who yere
    no wurees said Mum I will go to the toy shop and by a teddy.
    No said Dad I wonnt come ok said Mum I will go by my self come on
    lets go Kip.Kip shoude no were is the toy shop.3 minits later.Here we are
    said Kip.1 minit later.Here is a nise nyoo teddy to play with said
    Mum and dont loos this one.Problem solved said Mum.

  7. Aaron R.

    Kipper said “I left my teddy on the bus”
    Mum said “oh Kipper why did you forget teddy that was silly”

    1. Mrs Langley

      Well done Aaron!

  8. Hosanna N.

    Kipper said: My Teddy! I have left it in the bus !
    Mummy:Oh sorry Kipper! But don’t worry ,I will get you a new one and you will love it.

    1. Mrs Langley

      Well tried Hosanna. I think Kipper would be sad for leaving his teddy in the bus don’t you?

  9. Samuel N.

    So Kipper is saying Mum I leave my Teddy on the Bus.
    Oh no said Kipper Mum.

    1. Mrs Langley

      A good try Sam!

  10. Abdullah S.

    Mummy said, “what is it?”
    Kipper said, “I lost my teddy”.

    1. Mrs Langley

      Well tried Abdullah.

  11. Rishaan C.

    Mummy said “what is it”?

    Kipper said “I forgot my teddy”.

    1. Mrs Langley

      Well tried Rishaan.

  12. Ayad H.

    Kipper says to mom – oh I forget my teddy bear on the bus.
    Mom says to Kipper – now the bus is gone we can’t do anything, next time don’t forget your things be careful.

    1. Mrs Langley

      Well done Ayaad. I bet Kipper would feel quite sad!

  13. Adam K.

    Kipper saying oh mum I think I left something on the bus.
    Mum said oh no have you left something on the bus. You will get it back soon

    1. Mrs Langley

      Well tried Adam!

  14. Minsa M.

    Kipper is saying “oh no! I left my teddy in the bus” .
    Mum said “it’s okay don’t worry now but you need to be careful next time and should not leave your things in the bus”

    1. Mrs Langley

      Well tried Minsa.

  15. Hatim M.

    Kipper said.” Oh no! I left my Teddy bear in the bus.”
    Mum said. ” Don’t worry, I will ask someone how we can get it.”

    1. Mrs Langley

      Well done Hatim!

  16. Amina A.

    kipper say mum I lost my tedy in the bus
    mum say go( get it )bring a Tedy back in the bus

    1. Mrs Langley

      Well done Amina! You have looked carefully at the characters and thought about what they may be saying to one another.

  17. Rumaysa K.

    Kipper is saying “I have left my Teddy on the bus!”
    Mum is saying “we can’t get it now because the bus has gone”.

    1. Mrs Langley

      Fantastic Rumaysa! You have thought carefully about what the characters may say to one another.

  18. Rayyan R.

    Hello Miss do reception children all get this book as Rayyan hasnt read this book how are we going to answer questions.

    1. Mrs Langley

      This is an extra reading challenge. It is for Rayyan to look at the picture and guess what he thinks mum might say and what Kipper may say.

  19. Gaira M.

    Kipper said he lost his bear at the train and his Mum promised to go back for it

    1. Mrs Langley

      Well done Mustafa!

  20. Fathima U.

    Kipper is saying -I frogot my tedy bear in the car

    Mom-We will come back

    1. Mrs Langley

      Well done Fathima!

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