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  1. Kip said I left my teddy in the bus.
    Mum said what how I dont no said Kip dont worry said Mum
    i will run and get it.Huu huu huu huu who no said Mum the
    bus is gon I will tell Kip huu huu huu huu the bus is gon
    No No No whiy said Kip it is your teddy said Mum who yere
    no wurees said Mum I will go to the toy shop and by a teddy.
    No said Dad I wonnt come ok said Mum I will go by my self come on
    lets go Kip.Kip shoude no were is the toy shop.3 minits later.Here we are
    said Kip.1 minit later.Here is a nise nyoo teddy to play with said
    Mum and dont loos this one.Problem solved said Mum.

  2. Kipper said: My Teddy! I have left it in the bus !
    Mummy:Oh sorry Kipper! But don’t worry ,I will get you a new one and you will love it.

  3. Kipper says to mom – oh I forget my teddy bear on the bus.
    Mom says to Kipper – now the bus is gone we can’t do anything, next time don’t forget your things be careful.

  4. Kipper is saying “oh no! I left my teddy in the bus” .
    Mum said “it’s okay don’t worry now but you need to be careful next time and should not leave your things in the bus”

    • This is an extra reading challenge. It is for Rayyan to look at the picture and guess what he thinks mum might say and what Kipper may say.