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Year 3 Reading Challenge Summer 1

For this reading challenge, you can chose any fiction book you like. It can be the class novel, your reading book or a book from your house or the library. Bronze Challenge Silver challenge: Gold Challenge:

Year 4 Reading Challenge- Summer 1

Anne Boleyn Did marrying her solve any of Henry’s problems? Anne Boleyn is an interesting character. People always felt strongly about her, they either loved her or they despised her with a passion! Here is quick look at her early…

Year 6 Reading Challenge – Summer 1

Read the review below of the “Avengers Endgame” film. “Avengers: Endgame” is the culmination of a decade of blockbuster filmmaking, the result of years of work from thousands of people. It is designed to be the most blockbuster of all…

Year 1 Reading Challenge – Summer 1 2022

Hi Year 1! Welcome to your reading challenge! Have a look at the pictures below and think about what is happening in each one. The best response may win a special prize in the challenge assembly! Green and Blue Group…

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