Remarkable Reception!

Today was another special day, which began with Mrs Dahil inviting me to help deliver the boxes and gifts that our remarkable families had provided for those less fortunate than ourselves. Let me start at the beginning, it all started with Mr Mahmood posting a blog and the Reception children and very caring parents being so supportive.

The gifts starting to trickle and then pour in…our families were showing the values of Teamwork, Kindness, Empathy, Imagination and Brilliance amongst others.

Mrs Dahil, Karam (her son) and I started on our travels. Our journey was a bit like another individual who is said to provide gifts around Christmas time. We drove around and around and around…until we finally reached our destination (Coventry Cyrenians), which could have well been in Lapland (with the distance travelled) but without the snow!

Thank you to everyone who donated.

We all hope those that celebrate Christmas have a wonderful time over the festive period and those that do not have a restful break.

Mrs Raja-Khan and the Reception Team

17 thoughts on “Remarkable Reception!

  1. This is soo nice to hear :) 😃
    I hope the people who received the items really benefited for them and I bet it made there Christmas 🎄 extra special :)

  2. How thoughtful you all are! You have certainly made a difference to the lives of others who may not be as lucky as you. Well done superstars!

  3. Ahhh this is so heartwarming! A great idea for a great cause. Thank you for this wonderful blog update. Ilyas will be happy to see his parcel reaching its destination under the Christmas tree. Happy Holidays everyone.

  4. We certainly have a remarkable team. A group of people who go that extra mile. This includes parents, children and teachers, I salute you all!

  5. This was a journey worth while making!

    A big thank you to all the children and parents that contributed to such a wonderful cause and making someone feel special especially at this time of the year.

    At Broad Heath the children show kindness and empathy.

  6. What a lovely blog! I’m so sorry I couldn’t join you today but seeing this video has put a big smile on my face. Thank you to the wonderful children and their parents for their donations. BH most definitely has the BEST children and parents!

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