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  1. Irfa M.

    3 fantastic facts about rivers
    1. Rivers start from mountains.
    2. Rivers can be all kinds of colors – not just blue, clear or muddy brown as you might expect!
    3. Subterranean rivers can also exist naturally.

  2. Miss Akhtar

    Well done, Safa and Delilah! :)

  3. Delilah R.

    Sadly, our rivers and waterways are being polluted by chemicals, sewage and household waste, which can cause serious harm to animals – and humans, too. In fact, an estimated 300-400 million tonnes of waste is thought to pollute our rivers and seas every year!

    Some of the most fascinating river creatures include Amazon river dolphins (which have pink skin!), electric eels (which stun prey and predators with powerful electric shocks!), freshwater stingrays (which can grow to an enormous 5 metres!) and freshwater turtles, which have been around for 200 million years!

    Rivers can be all kinds of colours – not just blue, clear or muddy brown as you might expect! In ‘blackwater rivers’, found in swamps and wetlands, the waters look like strong black tea. And in Colombia, the aquatic plants of Caño Cristales – known as the ‘River of Five Colours‘ – make the waters flow with bright blue, red, black, yellow and green

  4. Safa S.

    1. rivers follow the ocean and the sea
    2. animals live in a river such as snakes fish and snail and more
    3. nileriver is the longest river in the whole world

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