Thanks to the afternoon sunshine, clubs tomorrow are ON. Year 1-2 at 9:50-10:50 and year 3-4 from 11:00 – 12:00. Drop off and pick up will be at Webster Park gate.

There are still a small number of spaces for each club so if you would still like to come complete the form from the links below

Year 1-2

Year 3-4

Here is the current list of students

Year 1-2 Club

Aiyla1 Blue
Riya1 Blue
Emaan1 Blue
Ameera1 Blue
Yosias1 Blue
Shreya1 Red
Rishaan1 Red
Hosanna1 Red
Okaro1 Red
Minsa1 Red
Sukhmanpreet1 White
Haniya1 White
Mohammed1 White
Kaavya D1 White
Ibrahim2 Blue
Gurshaanpreet2 Blue
Iqra2 Blue
Huzaifah2 Red
Iqra2 Red
Elim Fiseha2 Red
Freya shah2 Red
Amelia2 Red
Dhonshan2 White
Latifa ali2 White
Liyana Mohammed2 White

Year 3-4 Club

Dean-junior3 Blue
Esa3 Blue
Isaiah3 Blue
Aiza3 Red
Charis3 Red
Abigail3 Red
Ebnezere3 White
Eva T3 White
Ranj3 White
Subodh3 White
Yegor3 White
Hishaam3 White
Myiesha4 Blue
Nicolas4 Blue
Osas4 Blue
Sara4 Blue
Zahra4 Blue
Khadijah4 Blue
Zahra4 Blue
Anaya4 Red
Manha4 Red
Mohammed4 Red
Sabiha4 Red
Simra4 Red
Alima4 Red
Aqsaa F4 White
Maheen4 White
Welat4 White

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  1. Subodh K.

    Ok 👌

  2. Ayaad H.

    Thanks for the information, filled the form yesterday can come today for the Saturday club or Wait till next session?Please guide.

    1. Head Teacher

      Hope you have come today..still time

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