Skint 2 Mint with 3 blue

3 Blue enjoyed a fantastic session with a speaker from Skint 2 Mint who was very informative, knowledgeable and taught the children many great tips on saving money and how to recognise good value for money. The children completed activity in groups and worked hard using the values of teamwork, brilliance and resilience. They counted up coins and worked out totals, they all had a resource such as wood, wool or a chicken and had to persuade the trader to swap with a cow. They came up with valuable suggestions for each resource and definitely impressed with the guy with their knowledge and out of the box, innovative thinking. Finally, children worked out the prices of items such as scooter compared to a can of coke. They understood that unbranded items are as good as branded and the price should be considered before every purchase 👍

What was your favourite activity? Why?

12 responses to “Skint 2 Mint with 3 blue”

  1. Maryum N.

    I loved playing the barter game. Because we were also playing and comparing the drinks but my favourite part was the purchase game and sorting them out like for example lol will be sorted out for the price and number to pay and compare the prices with all of the fun activities, we did then I enjoyed it a lot, my favourite part and activity. Was the barter game because we were trading and It was actually, really fun thank you guys.

  2. Maryum N.

    I enjoyed learning about money and trading the cow for the squeaky cute chicken. And learnt the composition between fake money and real money enjoyed it a lot. And I loved learning about the workshop in the studio.

  3. Iqra S.

    my favorite activity was the money picture one the same wan as aurora

  4. Aurora H.

    My Favorite Activity is putting the money next to the pictures.

  5. Emaan S.

    My favourite was the money

  6. Hannah B.

    My favourite was the prices to things like the LOL doll that I have at home

  7. Hassanati H.

    I enjoy sorting the money because it help me to learn.

  8. Kayla P.

    My favourite part of the activity was getting points for telling the correct answer.

  9. Sara H.

    my favourite activity was counting the money because its fun

  10. Bilal U.

    My favourite activity was sorting the money out into the right coin groups because I know how to sort coins like 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2.

  11. Hudaa M.

    my favourite activity was to guess the price of the thing because you can have fun.

  12. Ella K.

    I like the boy coming to help us because l learn more.

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