It’s that time of year again where the days are longer, the weather is nicer and there are more chances for our young people to get out and active! Here are 5 great opportunities coming up in our local area for our children to take part in. All the information is on the posters, but if you want more information there is also a person and number to call on each of them too. If you go to any, please let me know or comment on the blog, it’s always great to hear what you have done.

Cricket in Edgwick Park.

Starting next week there is some evening cricket sessions in Edgwick park from 6.30 – 8.30 on Tuesdays and Fridays.

More Sports Activities at Edgwick Park

For students in Year 5 and 6 there is also sports and games run by the Rising Stars youth group, on Thursdays and Sundays.

Learn To Ride Sessions.

A fantastic opportunity for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to learn to ride, there are some learn to ride sessions at the Muslim resource centre. No bike or helmet necessary, they will provide you with everything you need!

Inclusive Tennis – Spencer Park

Slightly further afield there is some tennis sessions in Spencer Park that are available for all ages, which last throughout the summer too.

And finally – Girls Football!

We’ve had LOADS of interest in girls football this year, and there is a team at President Kennedy school that is really keen to get more members.

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