Thank you to all the pupils who took part today. Even though the weather tried it’s hardest, it could not dampen our spirits. The children showed tenacity, resilience and brilliance in equal measure. Thank you to the staff who helped organised and also to the parents who braved the elements and schedule changes. It was a fantastic way to bring the curtain down on a wonderful year of sport at Broad Heath.

8 responses to “Sports Day 2023”

  1. Aiyla I.

    I loved sports day because it was fun

  2. Tana I.

    It was really fun

  3. Tipian I.

    Sports day was really good .
    I think I was great AT THE EGG AND SPOON

  4. Madeeha T.

    Sports day was so fun. I enjoyed all the sports

  5. Mohammed W.

    It was really fun

  6. Markuss B.

    It was so fun and enjoyed the day.

  7. Ayaan M.

    It was so fun and the best

  8. Seher A.

    All that sounds so fun but I wasnt here to enjoy but I was happy to see u guys play.

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