STEM Workshop

Today a collection of pupils from years 5 and 6 had took part in some fun and informative activities in the Science Pod learning about aircraft science, aircraft construction and documentation of the building process. 

They worked as teams to create the perfect paper aeroplane. They had to create documentation of the steps they took to create the perfect craft.

They also learnt some cool tips and tricks when taking pictures with the iPads. 

13 thoughts on “STEM Workshop

  1. I really enjoyed it as I learnt many new things such as how to blur the background but not the person in the shot and we learned about planes and we created planes.
    Also we got to test fly them outside. And mine worked really well!

  2. It was such an amazing experience learning about aircraft science, creating airoplanes and a pictoral documentiry about airoplanes ( using camera to show how to make the paper airoplanes).

    However, ever since that day, it has encouraged me to learn more about aircraft science in further depth and it was fun having a day of from learning such as Literacy, Maths or SMSC , which made me feel relieved, even though I do like those type of subjects.

    Within my time in year 6, I hope I can do another STEM project as it will be a beneficial experience.

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