Stone Age Day – 3 Blue

We enjoyed a lovely Stone Age day today! Children enjoyed a variety of activities which all related to the Stone Age learning we have been studying this term. Children carved soap into a weapon using stones, twigs and rocks, created beautiful cave paintings using chalk against black card which was striking and outstanding and thirdly they practice weaving which was done during the Stone Age. Finally, children enjoyed completing Stone Age maths including counting weapons, tools, fire and they completed reading comprehension around the Stone Age where children learnt fantastic facts about the great Iron Age.

What was your favourite activity and what?
Write down a fact about the Stone Age that you have learnt this term?

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  1. Maryum N.

    But they also used to dig and dig underground to find some iron weapons bronze and stone weapons I knew that it was a very hard time. But if people died they used to have these big giant stones up on the grass to make it a grave I think they used stone iron because of this is because they didn’t have any metal or either plastic but they might have plastic in the olden days. And they used to make a fire with iron stone and bronze to put on the fire and make a dangerous sharp weapon to defeat and kill the enemies

  2. Maryum N.

    And they used to look hard for food because in the olden days which was 3000 years ago, maybe they were struggling to defeat enemies and protect themselves. But I know that. They had iron weapons,bronze weapons, and stone weapons to protect themselves easier and maybe faster I really enjoyed doing maths but it was hard but I still tried to work hard.

  3. Maryum N.

    In the stone age they used to have stone age weapons.
    In the iron age they used to have iron weapons.
    In the bronze age they had bronze weapons.
    To hunt and defeat enemies to protect themselves. They went to build the houses out of stone,iron,bronze but they also had houses on top of frustrating, long hills to protect themselves, and for extra protection they had rocks and stones on the houses and hills. To protect themselves a lot, and be careful to watch enemies and defeat them because of the enemies the enemies had seen to defeat the people in the olden days like 1000 years ago. Because I think the enemies were richer than the old people from the stone age because they used to hunt food . And I think enemies, found to hunt. More food than the olden people from 2000 years ago.

  4. Hudaa M.

    I learned that Stone Age people learn how to use weapons by digging underground and fighting some bronze to kill the animals with they sharpen the weapons by getting rocks and hitting it with the weapon to make a sharp place to kill the animal they used the fur to wear for wooly coats and the inside of the meat to eat it up they use campfires to cook the food. It was very difficult for the Stone Age people because they had to find the animals and it would be hard work doing that how to make campfires to eat the food they got they got sticks wood and wood shrinks they used it and they trapped it down with their weapons with the weapons they could have used axe with them they used their axes to chop it down and make fire with it. There are other ways to make to eat food by there are many types of food there’s meat and there’s crops they can make crops with dough and then they can make bread with it down and they have crops they have wheat and they have some water from the pond they can drink it and feed it to their children so the children does it always get hungry every second and it’s a very difficult for them

  5. Bilal U.

    My favourite activity was the weaving because I like going up and down with paper.

    Stone age was named because everyone was using stone in lots of years.

    1. Mr Andrews (Headteacher)

      It looked like you all had an excellent day – some of the weaving and cave paintings were fantastic. Well done everyone!

      1. Maryum N.

        And they used to wear bone jewellery as well. And that they hunt animal fur.

  6. Maryum N.

    I enjoyed it a lot my favourite activity was weeving and carving soap because we were putting colourful strips in the paper to weev. And for the carving soap I enjoyed it the most because. We were using twigs to carve it and I really enjoyed it a lot. And I enjoyed looking a the fire that Mr Carter did and I enjoyed it because. I loved looking at the dough on the fire because it was fun. And I learned about the stone age cave men and cave women. That they use to farm and hunt animals.

  7. Haseeb A.

    It’s so lovely to see all children had fun. Especially haseeb he really enjoyed helping mum to make his costume at home and his own club

    1. Mrs A Patel

      Well done Haseeb and Haseeb’s mum Your Stone Age costume looked really nice .

      1. Maryum N.

        And I know that they used to eat meat, flax, wheat, berries, and nuts, but they used to eat whatever they found to hunt.

  8. Hassanati H.

    My activity what I like was drawing . stone age people eat meat from the animals .

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