The preparations for our annual event are going well. You can start to purchase the wristbands from Monday 10th June, they will be given out on Friday 14th June. The Summer Fair will run on Friday 14th June 4.45pm-7.00pm.

Raffle tickets will be available at the gates upon entry.

We would like your support with the following:

  1. Monday 10th June-Helping with Hampers from 8.30-10.00 in the Nurture Pod (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).
  2. Please complete the form sharing what type of Burger you would like (the form will close on Monday 9.00am).

Any questions please ask the Pastoral Team.

53 responses to “Summer Fair Prep 2024”

  1. Retaj

    4 chicken burger please and 1 water and 3 fizzy drinks thank-you.

  2. Evie T.

    I would like a cheeseburger and a small water thank you 🥛🍔

  3. Laith B.

    Can I still get wristbands? And where can I fill in the form

  4. Fatima S.

    1 beff bugar And A water

  5. Nick C.

    How much are the wristbands?

  6. Mrs Raja-Khan

    The team will be making extras, so please try not to worry!

  7. Amaal H.

    I am excited for the summer fair.

  8. Aqsa S.

    Can I please have a cheese burger

  9. Amelia R.

    where is the form please how does my mum order burgers

    1. Mrs Raja-Khan

      The form is now closed but The Team will be making extras.

  10. Mohamed E.

    Can’t wait for big meal

    1) One beef burger

    2) Water

  11. Moniade L.

    Hi Monis Mum here, we missed the link could we please get 3 burgers?

    1. Mrs Raja-Khan

      The Team will be making extras.

  12. Ebubechukwu L.

    One beef burger with a fizzy drink because we couldn’t get on the link

  13. Maryum N.

    This is a fantastic for everybody too go if everybody goes it’ll be packed also as well at the same time it’s brilliant I’m really overexcited!!!!😍🥰👍🥳🥳❄️❄️

  14. Iyla H.

    hiya iyla from 2blue would love to come with mum but could someone help us with the form as I couldn’t find it thank u.

  15. Fatima S.

    I couldn’t find the form pls help me with the orders

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