Testing the Composition of Rocks – 3 Blue

Today children tested different rocks and placed them in vinegar to observe the fizziness if any. They were pleased to see that some rocks did fizz in the vinegar whereas others didn’t. They discovered that it is the calcium carbonate in rocks that promote the release of carbon dioxide and the bubbles in the surface are as a result of the gas being released. Children thoroughly enjoyed the experiment today and later celebrated their learning of rocks through a poster. Watch the video below to catch a sneak peak of the experiment 🧪 🪨

Which rock fizzed the most?
Which rock did not fizz?

10 responses to “Testing the Composition of Rocks – 3 Blue”

  1. Maryum N.

    We tested chalk,basalt,slat,and all the others.and some of the rock fizzed and changed colour. And it’s fizzing like lemonade. Gabbro was fizzing when it was in vinegar and it was starting to fizz and bubbles and he top. Chalk fizzed the most like soap and bubbles.and it was more than limestone the fizzed had lemon and other things. The scientific reason was because the vinegar was in the pot.
    It contains carbon gas and in the vinegar I enjoyed it a lot the most favourite one of myself. Was, the limestone that was fizzing a little bit.

  2. Emaan S.

    The chalk fizzled the fastest

  3. Maryum N.

    I enjoyed it a lot. And the one that fizzed a lot was chalk and the one that didn’t fizz the most was slate and basalt. And we also putted vinegar in the pots.

  4. Sukhmanpreet K.

    The chlk fizzesd fast .

  5. Kayla P.

    Chalk fizzed the most.
    Slate and base salt did not fizz.

  6. Bilal U.

    Chalk fizzed the most because it was spreading in the vinegar.
    Basalt and slate did not fizz because there was no bubble reaction.

  7. Yusuf A.

    The rock that fizzed the most was chalk. Slate and basalt did not fizz. 🪨

  8. Muhammed I.

    The rock that fizzes the most was marble
    The rock that did not was gabro

  9. Ella K.

    The rock that did not fizz was Basalt and slate

  10. Ella K.

    The chalk Rock fizzes the most

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