The Great Spanish Language Challenge!

The British Council has set a challenge for all of you – The Great Spanish Language Challenge!

As it is ‘Citizenship Week’ I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn more about the world we live in, as we are ‘Citizen’s of the World’ as well.

Complete the challenge below – how many sections or parts can you complete?

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  1. find out10 sport players from spanish speaking countries.
    Rafa Nadal
    Pau gasol
    David cal
    Seve Ballesteros
    Miguel induran
    Mireia Belmonte
    Fernando Alonso
    Angel nieto
    Carolina marin

  2. I have listened to a song in Spanish which is despicacito.
    I have learned happy birthday is Spanish.
    Countries that have Spanish as there language.
    Spain Guatemala
    El Savador Costa Rica
    Mexico Venezuela
    Capital city’s of Spanish speaking country’s 10
    Mexico=Mexico city
    Spain= Madrid
    Peru= Lima
    Costa Rica=San Jose
    Guatemala=Guatemala city

    Phrases in Spanish
    Excuse me= Perdona
    Could you repeat that?=Podrias repetir eso
    See you later!=nos vemos luego

  3. list four festivals wich take place in countries where spanish
    Las Fallas. This Spanish festival takes place in Valencia and is the number one recommendation.
    emana Santa. Semana Santa has to be the most renowned of all Spanish festivals, celebrated in every corner.
    Carnaval. Although this Spanish festival is supposedly celebrated in various parts of Spain throughout March.
    five dances that orignated in spanish speaking countries
    Paso doble.

  4. Task 1
    Excuse me= Perdóneme
    Could you repeat that?= ¿Podría repetir eso?
    See you later=hasta luego
    Task 2
    Cumpleaños feliz
    cumpleaños feliz
    te deseamos

    Task 3
    Costa Rica,

  5. Task 1
    10 well sports players from Speaking Spain countries
    1 messi footballer
    2 iniesta footballer
    3 ramos footballer
    4 pedri footballer
    5 gavi footballer
    6 Laporte footballer
    7 morata footballer
    7 jordi alba footballer
    8 alonso
    9 dani Olmo footballer
    10 David silva
    Task 2
    Excuse me in spainish is perdoneme.
    Could you repeat that in spainish is podria reptir eso.
    See you later in spainish is hasta luego.

  6. Find out how to say the following phases in Spanish:
    Excuse me=Peroneme
    Could you repeat that?=Podria Repetir Eso ?
    See you later=hasta luego
    List 10 speaking spanish countries.
    El Salvador

  7. Phrases in Spanish:
    Excuse me = perdoneme.
    Could you repeat that = podria repetir eso?
    See you later = hasta luego.
    Five species of a rainforest:
    A parrot

  8. Task 1
    Can you repeat that = puedes violar eso
    Excuse me = Perdóneme
    See you later = te veo luego
    Task 2
    serpiente amazónica algor amadilo bagre hormiga
    Task 3
    feliz cumpleaños

  9. Task one. 10 football players
    GAVI. Football
    PEDRI . Football
    PEVID. Football
    Ansu . Football
    Sergio. Football

  10. Excuse me = Perdóneme .
    Could you repeat that? = Podria repetir eso .
    See you later = te veo luego .
    20 countries count Spanish as their official language .
    Happy birthday = Feliz cumpleaños nma
    Argentina = Buenos Aires.

    • Listen to a song in Spanish- Learn the Months of the year in Spanish .
      Listen to a language video or a cartoon – Pollito Titio – Little Chicken in Spanish
      Find out 10 capital cities of ten Spanish speaking countries – Quito, Santo Domingo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Havana, Lima, Bogotá, Caracas,
      Ciudad de Guatemala, and lastly Montevideo.
      Write a short paragraph about a Spanish-speaking country you would like to visit and why- I would like to go to Panama City because it looks nice and there might be a lot of new stuff and there might be a lot of spamish stuff so families and friends carers and more can see around and look and it seems like a good city because it might be full with hotels and apartments so lots of people and be in one of those and live for as much as they can until they go back home to their home country. It also might be really good because they might speak Spanish, and a lot of Spanish.

  11. Task1
    Excuse me = perdoneme
    See you later = hasta luego
    Could you repeat that = Podría repetir eso
    Task 2
    How many countries speak Spanish ?

  12. Ten well known sports player’s that are Spanish:
    Sergo ramos
    Pau gasol
    David dea
    Rafael Nadal
    Fernando Alonso
    Angel Nieto
    David cal
    seve Ballesteros

  13. Popular musicians that are from Spain.
    1. nino bravo
    2. julio Iglesias
    3. Placido Domingo
    4. Alfredo Kraus
    5. Victoria De les Angeles
    List five species of animals that could be found in the Amazon rainforest.
    1. Giant River Otter.
    2. Capybara.
    3. Pink river dolphin.
    4. Red howler monkey.
    5. Sloth.

  14. Well known sports players names from Spanish speaking countries
    Rafael Nadal
    Pau Gasol
    Fernando Alonso
    Miguel Induráin
    Mireia Belmonte
    Seve Ballesteros
    Iker Casillas
    Andrés Iniesta
    Carolina Marin
    Find out how to say these words in Spanish
    Excuse me= Perdóneme
    Could you repeat that?= podriá repetir eso

  15. Find out how to say the following phrases in Spanish.
    Excuse me = Perdóneme
    Could you repeat that? = Podría repetir eso
    See you later = Hasta luego
    Name 5 famous Spanish Artists.
    1. Diego Velazquez.
    2. Francisco Goya.
    3. Pablo Picasso.
    4. Joan Miso.
    5.Antoni Tapes.

  16. Task 1:
    Semana Santa
    The Fallas of Valencia
    The August Fair in Malaga
    San Fermin
    Las Fallas in Valencia
    La Tomatina
    Seville’s most iconic celebration, the annual April Fair, is a colorful extravaganza of flamenco, horses, and sherry. Think of it as everything Andalusia is famous for packed into one epic week. Spain’s colorful, lively and passionate culture draws millions of visitors every year, all of whom are eager to experience this fun and vibrant country for themselves. Without a doubt, there’s no better time to experience local culture at its best than during one of the myriad traditional festivals in Spain throughout the year. Each festival has a completely unique vibe, with unforgettable traditions and customs that make it unlike any other celebration in the world. Be sure to try and experience one of these unforgettable traditional festivals in Spain on your next trip. You may have heard of Semana Santa—Holy Week—but you’ve probably never seen it celebrated on the Spanish level before. Throughout many parts of Spain, elaborate processions take to the streets every day throughout the week leading up to Easter as members of local parishes and religious brotherhoods parade ornate floats depicting Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary throughout the city.
    These processions have been taking place throughout Spain for centuries, and look much the same as they did hundreds of years ago. The elaborate floats, traditional costumes, and somber music played by live bands make for an Easter celebration unlike any other.
    You can catch Semana Santa processions in many cities throughout Spain, but Seville and Malaga are home to some of the most famous. Don’t underestimate the celebrations in Castilla y León, either—the cities of Valladolid and León also host incredible processions. A controversial yet popular festival that draws hundreds of foolhardy souls and hundreds more eager spectators, Pamplona’s Bull Run might just be the most action-packed traditional festival in Spain.

    The bull runs are actually part of a larger local festival known as San Fermín, taking place in the northern city of Pamplona for a week in early July. Each morning throughout the duration of the festival, participants and bulls take to the streets in a nail-biting race to the bull ring, where a bullfight will take place later in the day.
    The first official documented celebration of San Fermín took place in 1591, and was supposedly a much more low-key affair compared to the raucous celebration we know it as today. Although the rest of the festival is full of unique local traditions, the bull run itself is dangerous and considered by many to be unethical. Not everyone can say they’ve taken part in the world’s biggest food fight. Except for the thousands of people who take to the streets of the tiny town of Buñol, near Valencia, to do so every year. The food of choice at La Tomatina is, unsurprisingly, tomatoes. Messy? Yes. Unforgettably fun? Also yes!
    Sources vary when it comes to the origins of the Tomatina, but the festival’s official website claims it all started in 1945, when a disruption during a parade resulted in spectators and participants throwing tomatoes from a nearby fruit stand at each other. The tradition caught on, and now every year on the last Wednesday in August, Buñol transforms from a sleepy village into party central.
    Task 2:
    Plácido Domingo.
    Julio Iglesias.
    Enrique Iglesias.
    Teresa Berganza.
    Victoria De Los Ángeles.
    Alfredo Kraus.
    Alejandro Sanz.
    Nino Bravo.
    For decades, Spain has produced some of the most compelling musicians that the world has ever known.
    From Latin pop to new flamenco, these singers continuously release interesting music unique to their region of the world.
    Despite this uniqueness, many of these artists have become internationally known and have now become icons in the music

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