The British Council has set a challenge for all of you – The Great Spanish Language Challenge!

As it is ‘Citizenship Week’ I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn more about the world we live in, as we are ‘Citizen’s of the World’ as well.

Complete the challenge below – how many sections or parts can you complete?

153 responses to “The Great Spanish Language Challenge!”

  1. Yahya K.

    Spanish is the official language of 20 countries.

  2. Yahya K.

    5 well known dances originated from Spain are :
    Paso Doble

  3. Yahya K.

    1La Sagrada Familia.
    2The Alhambra Palace.
    3Plaza de España.
    4Alcazar Fortress.

  4. Yahya K.

    find out10 sport players from spanish speaking countries.
    Rafa Nadal
    Pau gasol
    David cal
    Seve Ballesteros
    Miguel induran
    Mireia Belmonte
    Fernando Alonso
    Angel nieto
    Carolina marin

  5. Sumayyah A.

    I have listened to a song in Spanish which is despicacito.
    I have learned happy birthday is Spanish.
    Countries that have Spanish as there language.
    Spain Guatemala
    El Savador Costa Rica
    Mexico Venezuela
    Capital city’s of Spanish speaking country’s 10
    Mexico=Mexico city
    Spain= Madrid
    Peru= Lima
    Costa Rica=San Jose
    Guatemala=Guatemala city

    Phrases in Spanish
    Excuse me= Perdona
    Could you repeat that?=Podrias repetir eso
    See you later!=nos vemos luego

  6. Myiesha S.

    list four festivals wich take place in countries where spanish
    Las Fallas. This Spanish festival takes place in Valencia and is the number one recommendation.
    emana Santa. Semana Santa has to be the most renowned of all Spanish festivals, celebrated in every corner.
    Carnaval. Although this Spanish festival is supposedly celebrated in various parts of Spain throughout March.
    five dances that orignated in spanish speaking countries
    Paso doble.

  7. Muhammed A.

    List five species of animals or plants in the Amazon rainforest?
    *rana de árbol

  8. Lillie S.

    Spanish quotes
    Excuse me= Perdóneme
    Could you repeat that? = ¿Podría repetir eso?
    See you later = te veo luego

  9. Yoshita P.

    Following words in Spanish.
    Excuse me = perdòneme
    Could you repeat that?= ¿podí

  10. Robyn B.

    1.Excuse me = perdòneme

  11. Hussein H.

    Task 1
    Excuse me= Perdóneme
    Could you repeat that?= ¿Podría repetir eso?
    See you later=hasta luego
    Task 2
    Cumpleaños feliz
    cumpleaños feliz
    te deseamos

    Task 3
    Costa Rica,

  12. Welat M.

    Task 1
    10 well sports players from Speaking Spain countries
    1 messi footballer
    2 iniesta footballer
    3 ramos footballer
    4 pedri footballer
    5 gavi footballer
    6 Laporte footballer
    7 morata footballer
    7 jordi alba footballer
    8 alonso
    9 dani Olmo footballer
    10 David silva
    Task 2
    Excuse me in spainish is perdoneme.
    Could you repeat that in spainish is podria reptir eso.
    See you later in spainish is hasta luego.

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