Year 4 – Festival Art

Year 4 have been recreating their own versions of festival art. Watch the video to see how well they did. Why are neon colours used in festival art? What happens during the Godiva Festival in Coventry? Can you research any other world festivals and describe them.  

Year 4 Spanish Review

What have you learnt this half term? Which activity have you enjoyed the most? Where will this information be useful in real-life? What else would you like to learn or do in your Spanish lessons?

Year 5 – Vocabulary Mats

Year 5 have furthered their learning from Year 4 where they learnt the names of stationery items in Spanish. This year they are learning the names of all the Classroom based objects including; tables, chairs, board etc. Have a look at their pic collages as they have attempted to create Vocabulary Mats to support this […]

Year 4 – Classroom Objects

Year 4 have been learning the names of classroom objects. They created videos to teach other children the names in Spanish. See how well you learn them after watching these videos. How many can you remember now?  

The Weather – Year 5

Year 5 have started to learn the new vocabulary linked to the different types of weather. In this video, see how they got on. Can you spot any mistakes? What type of weather is your favourite? Write a simple sentence in Spanish to say which weather conditions you like.

Year 5 – Board Games

Year 5 children made some amazing games to support younger children to develop their Spanish directional vocabulary! Have a look at some of the games and see how they reinforce the key words. Could you please explain what your game is and how it is played.  Test the game and evaluate it. What worked well? […]

Year 6 – Spanish half term Review

Year 6 have learnt to tell the time in Spanish this half term. They have created class timetables and learnt the name of class subjects in Spanish too. We have also researched Spanish schools and have compared these to our schools. Can you now answer the following: What have you learnt this half term? What […]

Year 4 – Feliz Cumpleanos!

In Year 4 this half term we have not just learnt how to count from 1-31, we have also practiced and rehearsed simple conversations recapping previous learning from Year 3 and introducing new vocabulary  so that we can ask each other about ourselves e.g how we are, our names, sharing our ages and birthdays.  Can […]

Year 6 – El Tiempo

Year 6 have been learning to tell the time in Spanish. They have learnt to tell the time for O’ clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to, midday and midnight. This blog will showcase their learning and some of the activities they have done. Can you translate the following: Son las ocho y cuarto? Son […]

Year 4 – Conversations

This half term the children have learnt the Spanish numbers. They have learnt to count from 1 to 31. They have played various games and carried out activities to embed their learning. They have learnt how to ask each other their ages. Here are some of their conversations. How do you ask someone how they […]

Year 5 – Directions song

Year 5 have been learning to ask the directions to places and give directions in Spanish. This week they learnt to sing a Spanish song about this. Watch their performances and comment on the good points and give one recommendation or point for improvement. Can you translate this song and also can you try to […]

Year 6 – Half term Review

What have you learnt this half term in you ‘Food – Likes and dislikes’ topic?  Which activity was your favourite and why? Which key phrases have you learnt? How will these support you in real – life?

Year 6 Performances

Year 6 have been learning a Spanish song called ‘Tapas, patatas, gazpacho, paella’, linked to expressing their likes and dislikes about food. They worked together to create videos of their performances. Do you recognise any of the vocabulary? Can you translate any of parts of the song? Can you write your own version using a similar […]

Year 5 – Sharing likes and dislikes

Year 5 you have been learning to express your likes and dislikes linked to sports and hobbies through various activities. Today I would like you to write about your own personal likes and dislikes and post them on this blog. I can’t wait to see what you like to do or not do. Remember to […]

Year 5 – Which sports do you like and dislike?

In Year 5 , we have been learning about how to express our likes and dislikes for various sports. Here is a game to support your learning. Have a go and see how good you are! Que deporte te gusta?

Year 4 – The Little Brown Mouse

Children in Year 4 have been reading and learning the story of  ‘The Little Brown Mouse.’ We are beginning to learn the name of different fruits and vegetables and the names of colours  to describe them e.g. la manzana verde How many names of fruits and vegetables can you remember?  

Feliz Navidad!

  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! i Feliz Navidad y prospero ano nuevo! The children learnt the traditional greetings for Christmas and the New year! What is your favourite part of Christmas? What do you wish for the new year 2019?

Year 5 in a Spanish Cafe!

Year 5 have been learning the names of food and drinks in Spanish. They have also learnt basic phrases to say which foods they like and dislike. After this we moved on to being able to order food in a cafe or restaurant. The children tried really hard and today they were tested in our […]

Year 4 – Spanish review Autumn 2

What have you learnt this half term? Why would this information be useful? Can you translate the following into English:-  cabeza, brazo, estomago y pierna cabeza, brazo, estomago y pierna dedos, rodilla, mano y nariz cabeza, brazo, estomago y pierna Can you try and write your own version now using the same format but different […]

PSHE – Week 4

Today we discussed how to manage anger in our PSHE lesson. Could you answer the following questions: When do people feel angry? What kind of things do people do when they are angry? How can you manage feelings of anger?