Year 5 – Spanish – The Weather Lesson 3 – Answers

Hola! This week you were given a task to answer questions based upon Jamie’s weather diary. Monday  Hace buen tiempo Tuesday Hace frio y lloviendo Wednesday  Hace buen tiempo Thursday Hace calor y viento Friday Esta nevando Saturday Esta nevando y hace viento Questions 1) What was the weather like on Monday? 2) Did it […]

Spanish Home Learning 2020

I asked Shaun to create an email address where you can send any pieces of work. The pieces of work or pictures that you can send me are those that I may have asked you to complete in your Homework books or it may be of a practical activity that you were asked to do. […]

Year 6 – Spanish – Schools likes and dislikes Lesson 1- Home Learning wk bg. 27th April

This half term we will learning about sharing likes and dislikes about school subjects. Quick Recap:  Te gusta? No te gusta? What do these mean? Now watch this video: [embedyt][/embedyt] Here are the list of school subjects in Spanish. las mathematics (Maths), el espanol (Spanish) , el ingles (English), la educacion fisica (Physical Education), […]

Year 3 Spanish -La Familia Lesson 1- Home learning- wk bg. 27th April 2020

This term we will be learning the following:  The words for family members, To say how many brothers or sisters you have. Watch the video to learn the names of family members and the correct pronunciations. [embedyt][/embedyt] Can you now tell me what these words mean? abuelo, abuela, papa, mama, hermano, hermana, primo, prima, […]

Easter Week 2 – Spanish – Cooking Time!

Today I would like you to follow this Spanish recipe at home and do some cooking! I hope you have fun! Which items were needed from the list to create you meal? After cooking and eating I would like you to write/translate the recipe in English and tell me how you worked it all out. […]

Easter – Spanish Flamenco Dancing!

While you are carrying out your research project, I will also add a blog occasionally , focusing on a different aspect of Spain or a Spanish speaking country. Today I would like you to practice some Flamenco dancing at home. First watch these videos and follow the tips given by the fantastic teachers. [embedyt][/embedyt] […]

Spanish – Easter

For the two weeks of Easter I would like you all to have fun, play games and enjoy your break! However, If any of you feel the need to focus on an activity to carry out during the 2 weeks you can carry out a research project about any 1 Spanish speaking country. There are […]