Year 5 – Counting in Spanish

Year 5 children have been absolute SUPERSTARS learning to count in Spanish. We not only counted in 1s…we challenged ourselves to count up in 10s, 2s and even 5s…ALL in SPANISH. Watch the video to see how fantastic we are! Can you write the multiples of 10s , 2s and 5s in Spanish below. Which […]

Year 5 – Los Numeros 1-100

We have been learning the numbers 1 – 100 in Spanish. Next week I will challenge you to count up in multiples of 10s, 5s and 2s in Spanish! To prepare you for this I have added some videos on the blog so you can revise the numbers and be ready for next week! Good […]

Year 4 – Language Detectives

As language detectives, this week,  we have used what we know to work things out and find out more about languages. Your task for the rest of the week is to continue being language detectives and look out for different languages you hear (friends, restaurants, adverts) or see (packaging). Keep a note of your findings […]

Important message for Year 6 (Spanish)

Good Morning Year 6 children! Today I am writing to you about the responses I am receiving on the Weekly Spanish Blogs from Year 6. Since Home Learning began, the responses to the Spanish Learning on the blogs has been varied. The best year throughout this time period has been Year 3 – Nearly ALL […]