This is Me Week in 4 Blue

This week, as part of our project week ’This is Me’, 4 Blue have been learning about valuing differences and celebrating uniqueness. We have reflected upon our Broad Heath values: teamwork, knowledge, empathy, tenacity, communication, kindness, respect, brilliance, imagination, honesty, resilience and individuality.

Maths ~ Halving

We started off by discussing the skills needed for a mathematician and looked at halving shapes. We though about symmetry and how shapes are symmetrical or can be halved.

Answer these questions:

  1. What does ’half’ mean?
  2. Which skills are important in Maths?
  3. Which values did we use in this lesson?

English – Writing

We started off the lesson by listening to the song ’This is Me’. We looked at a range of vocabulary and developed inference and retrieval skills. We also looked at and discussed the different themes, such as diversity, friendship and equality.
We discussed the meanings of the words ’bullying’ and ’acceptance’. What do they mean?

Which themes did you identify?

We looked at the story ’The Lion Inside’ by Rachel Bright.

We discussed how the animals felt, looked at emotions and empathised, as we spoke anout different emotions. Using a thesaurus, we looked at synonyms for ’sad’.

What is the message behind the story? Which values did we use this lesson?
Which features did you identify?

We wrote a synopsis of the story, picking out keywords and looking at the key events of the story.

Which skills did you use?
Which words and themes stood out to you? How did the story make you feel?

6 thoughts on “This is Me Week in 4 Blue

  1. 1. Half means when to divide something in equal parts.
    If you have 1 big pizza and have another person you will need to make it equal and half it.
    2. The skills that are important for math are your time tables , your numbers and positioning your number correct.
    3. The values we used was resilience and teamwork.

    1. The themes we discovered was friendship and love.
    2. The message behind this story was even if you are lonely try and introduce or ask other people to be your friends. Another message is to use resilience.
    3. The values we used for this lesson was resilience.
    4. We identified themes, new words and that you should never give up.

    • 1. The skills I used was excellent handwriting, our thinking skills and how we felt about the book.
      2. The themes and words that stood out to me was friendship , never giving up and to give your best.
      3. The story made me feel that even if you are small and scared try and introduce yourself and will get friends.

  2. 1) Half means if you have one pizza you can half it in from top to bottom and it will be halfed.
    2) By learning new times table is important of maths.
    3) We where learning how to half in the afternoon.

    • It was about a little mouse was very loney at the first place after, the tiger was very scared of the mouse and, the mouse said ”I’ll not hurt u ”and happily after they had a relationship.

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