Subject specific vocabulary

This half term in English we have been learning about the purpose of an information text and the key features. Today we focused on the subject specific vocabulary and highlighted any words we were unsure of and found the definitions using a dictionary. Challenge: What is subject specific vocabulary?Using a dictionary, can you define any […]

Reading Gladiators – Year 4 📕

Hello gladiators! Can you please finish reading The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Anderson before our next session on Monday. Once you have read this, you have the opportunity to be creative. I would like you to create a book review. You have total creative freedom with this. You can create this on Purple Mash, […]

4 Blue Visit Tamworth Castle 🏰

This half term, 4 Blue are learning about the Anglo Saxons and today we were lucky enough to start this unit with a wow opportunity to visit Tamworth Castle! 4 Blue had the most amazing day learning about Anglo Saxon kingdoms and their way of life. Our busy day started with a self led tour […]

Maths Week in 4 Blue! 🧮

Wow, what a start to Maths week 4 Blue! We have been busy completing maths challenges, while working as a team to collect crystals for our resilience, teamwork and application of maths. So far, we have traveled to Greece and Egypt and looked at the maths and their famous mathematicians. How amazing is it that […]

Year 4 – Coding

Hello super coders! This week in Computing we have started to code our very own educational games. You have successfully, created backgrounds and made characters move and talk. Most of you even included maths questions in your games and a reward for correct answers! Below, I have posted the link to Purple Mash, so you […]

4 Blue’s Well-being Day

What a fantastic day! You have taken part in so many different activities such as baking, dancing, swimming, team building, active maths and letter writing. Take a look at our gallery of photos below! Baking Team Games Active Maths What was your favourite activity? Why?Which school values did we use? Explain

This is Me Week in 4 Blue!

Wow 4 Blue, what an amazing week it has been getting to know each other better! I can’t believe all the activities we have managed to fit in to the week! Mrs Woodman and I have have been so impressed with all your art work, you have shown what a creative bunch you are! This […]

Three Red to Four Blue!

Wow 3 Red, what an amazing day we all had! Miss Woodman and I had a lovely time getting to know you all and are super excited to be teaching you in September! Please watch the video below which shows some of the fun we had today. What did you enjoy most about today? What […]

Art Day in 4 White 🎨

To start the day, we researched the artist William Morris who was one of the most influential designers of the the 19th century. We then created a poster to showcase our findings. Next, we went on to do some observational drawings. We took inspiration from William Morris by studying and drawing nature. Inspired by William […]

4 White’s Jubilee Celebrations! 🇬🇧👑

4 White have had an amazing day celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee! We have been busy learning the national anthem, creating our own coins, using a map to track down the Queen’s hat and creating a piece of art inspired by Andy Warhol. To end the day we celebrated with parents by singing the national anthem […]

4 White Perform Poetry 🎭

4 White are ending the term by looking at poetry, our end outcome is to write a piece of poetry. To help us with this, we identified the key features of a poem called Deep Within the Tropics. After this, we learned the poem by rote and performed it to the class. Please watch the […]

4 White Visit Bosworth!

Wow! What a fantastic trip to Bosworth Battle Field we had today. 4W showed great enthusiasm and resilience and gained so much from the experience. We took part in a fascinating museum tour, battle re-enactment, and weapons display – check out the video below to see our Bosworth Battle experience! When was the Battle of […]

The impact humans have on animals’ habitats

This week in science, we worked in groups to answer the question “What impact do humans have on animals’ habitats?” We completed first hand and secondary research and grouped our findings into positive and negative impact, then created information posters with our results. Can you explain your findings?How can we help protect animals and their […]

4W – The Tempest – Act 1 Scene 1

This half term in English, 4W are learning how to write a play script. To link with our History unit The Tudors we have been watching/reading The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Today, in small groups we learnt Act 1 Scene 1 of The Tempest by rote and performed to the rest of the class. Please […]

Welcome Back Year 4!

Tomorrow, we are going to he continuing with our History unit ’The Tudors’ to help us with this we have posted some Horrible History Tudor videos for you to watch. Times Tables Hi Year 4, hope you all had a lovely long weekend and a great Eid. Above is a tutorial for you all […]

Health Week – Friday

To end our Health Week we created a news report about our Year 4 Commonwealth Games that happened yesterday. Working in groups of three, we created news reports in the style of Newsround. Please watch the video below that showcases our wonderful news reports. At the end of the day we were lucky enough to […]

4 White’s Heath Week Day 1

To kick off Health Week, we looked at healthy eating and how the food we eat can affect our body. We began by discussing some questions about healthy eating and learnt some new vocabulary such as calories and balanced diet. Once we explored the question “Which breakfast is the best?” and created our own enquires […]

4 White’s Sky Blue Poster Winners! 🏅

Last Friday, we had a visit from Sky Blue’s in the Community and they talked about racism and how it effects many people around the world. The children were given a challenge to create a poster about ‘No Room For Racism’. Well done to all the children that took part in this, there were so […]

World Book Day in 4 White!

Today, 4 White celebrated World Book Day! Children and adults looked amazing dressed as characters from their favourite books. Take a look at the photo galleries below that showcases some of our wonderful work! To begin the day, 4 White drew and described the character they dressed up as. Next, we researched an author called […]

Year 4’s WW2 Day!

Today, Year 4 travelled back to the 1940s and everyone looked incredible in their WW2 outfits! We had the opportunity to take part in a range of activities including, poster making, baking and sewing before celebrating VE Day! Propaganda Posters Cooking Make Do and Mend VE Day!

4 White – Drones and RockKidz!

Today, 4 White have had such a busy day! It all started by us taking part in a drone workshop led by Sue, who was amazing! In groups of three we learned how to code and fly a drone. Our challenges were to hit 50 points and then to create a shape with our drone! […]

Year 4 – Reading Gladiators

Hello Reading Gladiators, this weeks task is to create a poster showing the pros and cons Marmie and Dardie had to weigh up when discussing leaving Trinidad to start a new life in The United Kingdom. I would also like you to answer the questions below. Both tasks MUST be completed on paper and to […]