This week in 2W

This week we have done lots of fun and exciting things. We started the week making disgusting sandwiches. Then we wrote instructions on how to make one. We have set up a Science experiment to see how temperature can affect the growth of a plant and we have been learning about fractions, so on Friday we made fraction pizzas.
Also, the children have been learning about compass directions and made their own treasure maps and in Computing, they made their own airport game.

What have you enjoyed the most?
Can you write some commands for making a disgusting sandwich?

6 thoughts on “This week in 2W

  1. We were learning about plant we was outside looking at plants and flowers or anything and then we take a picture of the plants

  2. I enjoyed making the disgusting sandwich. First I got bread, then I got stones and sprinkled it on and then i got a stick and poked it through and finally I got grass and sprinkled it on top.

  3. What have you enjoyed the most?
    I enjoyed the most making the disgusting sandwich.
    Can you write some commands for making the disgusting sandwich?
    First, get a pice of bread then spread some peanut butteron the bread.
    Then, put some leavs on the sandwich.
    After a while,get some sticks and chuck it on the sandwich.
    Finally,get some snails and put it on the sandwich.

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