Times tables

Hi Year6,

To make progress in your maths it is important that you learn your times tables fluently. Times tables are used with division, multiplications, factors and percentages as well as other problem solving questions.

We have found a Times tables game which will test your knowledge and speed. Please play it daily and make progress.

Click on the QR code or scan it with your iPad to play the game.

Have Fun!!!

Ms Janjua & Mrs Jones



10 thoughts on “Times tables

  1. Thank you so much Miss Janjua and Miss Jones! The site you put for us on the blog is fun, useful and has good educational purposes. In addition, it has helped me get faster (as well as accurate) with my time tables ; I really appreciate this sight. I just hope that, as long as I carry on to use the maths sight, I get better and much more agile at my times tables!

  2. Thank you Mrs Janjua and Mrs Jones I really enjoyed revising and learning my times tables, I really appreciate that you have taken your time out for us thank you. Also that after practicing a lot I will be able to recall my tables without hesitation. thank you very much!!!

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