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To recognise When we use ICT in everyday life…

We went for a walk around the school in search of equipment. We found the computing suites very interesting and full of lots of ICT equipment that help us with our learning.

How do we use ICT around school?

How do these devices help us?

4 responses to “To recognise When we use ICT in everyday life…”

  1. Mrs J Patel

    This is oreva comment but logged in Mrs.patel iPad as she had problems logging in.we saw lots of computers and iPads.
    The teachers have these computers

  2. Tala I.

    That was good job 😍🥰😘😗😙🤩🥳🌈

  3. Elisei P.

    I pad helps my teacher to take picture of us.
    it helps me doing work.
    when i do nice work Miss Frankish is giving me a lolly pop

  4. Jasmine P.

    Computer helps us we can get information from Google..
    we use the ICT with electricity

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