Transition Day

Today was transition day at Broad Heath and the current year 3 children got to meet their new teacher and LSA that they would be learning with next year.

The children from 3 White began their taster in year 4 by playing introduction games and getting to know their teachers better. Then we discussed the children’s aspirations and goals for next year, we had lots of great responses. The children then wrote down their own aspirations and then they wrote a letter to their new teacher Miss Farrell, explaining what their likes and hobbies are. What was your favourite part of transition ?

11 responses to “Transition Day”

  1. Zoya N.

    That’s was so fun with miss Farrell and Miss Shilton you are love teacher and you are beatifull

  2. Zoya N.

    we played lots of games

  3. Jacek C.

    sadly i wasn’t here so

  4. Rifath A.

    I loved playing games

  5. Tahseen S.

    When we played lot’s of games in the afternoon

  6. Shivani P.

    I had a good day in year 4 and I am looking forward to start in year 4.

  7. Kiyan H.

    I like miss Farell she is a lovely teacher and she is a angel to me 😇😇

    1. Head Teacher

      Make sure you are an angel to her! X

  8. Cara-Jade S.

    That was fun

  9. Head Teacher

    I hope you have a fantastic year.

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