Thank you to those students who have signed up for clubs after school on Wednesday, here is a list of the students who said they will be attending.

Year 2 PE Club

Iqra2 Blue
Shaheer 2 Blue
Zenat 2 Red
Adam 2 Red
Hamasah2 Red
Hamasah2 Red
Elim2 Red
Amina 2 Red
Nabira2 Red
Haris2 Red
Shayan 2 Red
Noah 2 White
Hasnaa 2 White
Maximilian2 White
Latifa2 White

Year 4-5 Running Club

Khadeeja 4 Red
Arfa 4 Red
Alima4 Red
Yoshita 4 White
Hudayfa 4 White
Lucas 5 Blue
Ramarni 5 Blue
Yaseen 5 Blue
Umar 5 Red
Retaj5 Red
Jensen 5 Red
Meharunisa 5 Red
Karanbir5 White
Sarah 5 White

Pick up is at 3:55. Many thanks.

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  1. Adam D.

    Thank you for the info 👌

  2. Adam D.

    Thank you for the info

  3. Esa I.

    Thank you for the information okay.

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