This half term their will be a Extra PE Club on Wednesday after school. The sessions will run on Wednesday 15th, 22th and 29th November, 6th and 13th December from 3:15 and will run until 3:55. Collection will be at the Webster park gate. We are only letting certain pupils sign up, so can all students named please reply by completing the form even if it is to tell us you will not be attending.

6Blue – Meharunisa, Ghazala, Diyako, Romesa

6 White – Karanbir, Elyas, Rafay

6 Red- Josiah, Ramani, Aalya

5 White- Mustafa, Moiz, Anaya, Aksa.

5 Red – Abdullah, Rola, Sayda, Nma

5 Blue- Anish, Muazzan, Sara, Zahra.

Link to form –

It would be great to see all these children in the club. As there is only so many places unfortunately if you are not named you are unable to go and will not be able to give you a place, even if you sign up or not. Any questions please ask.

10 responses to “Wednesday Y5-6 Extra PE Club”

  1. Maddox B.

    Thanks for the information

  2. Elyas A.

    I’m to busy on an Wednesday everyone has fun

  3. Sayda A.

    sorry i cant go because am really busy am so sorry again hope everyone has fun

  4. Nma M.

    I can’t attend because I am busy on a Wednesday . I hope everyone who signs up has fun. Thank you .

  5. Tipian I.

    Hope you have a nice time

  6. Anaya R.

    I have done the form and I am going!😄

  7. Tana I.

    Thx for the information

  8. Ramarni J.

    I won’t be able to come since I am busy on a Wednesday but everyone who is going have a good time.

  9. Keaton O.

    I signed up

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