Week 2 in Reception Blue 🤗

Our topic for this half term is ‘Fantastic Lights’ where we will be learning about dark and light, seasonal changes and celebrations. We will also continue with our PSHE work and focus on ‘Getting On’.😊

Communication and Language- To listen and talk about a Diwali story

Literacy- To write a list of jobs to get ready for Diwali

To read and match words

Basic Skills – Dough disco-To develop finger strength in preparation for writing

To touch count accurately

To develop pencil control

To form all the letters in my name correctly

Maths – To use positional language

To say which is more than and which is fewer than

Understanding of the worldTo understand how Diwali is celebrated.

PSED/SEAL– To work together as a group and try new ideas

Expressive Art/Design– To create a firework picture/Diwali art

SMSC-To know why it is important to help others


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