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Well-being day

2 Blue have been very excited about having their well-being day. They are excited about dressing in their PE kit all day as well as spending our time together thinking about ourselves.

We started the day thinking about dental care. We explored the word β€˜care’, when we have heard the word and how it is used in different ways. As a class, the children found that it meant looking after your teeth. I was happy to know the children all brush their teeth twice a day. We discussed the foods that are good for our teeth and food we would try to avoid or limit the amount we have because of the impact the sugar can have.

Practicing the correct way to brush our teeth

After that, we went into the hall for a rock concert. All the children were busy dancing to a range of music throughout the decades.

The children showing off their party side!

We discussed the importance of being a good sport and the role we play in making sure we show respect to our peers when winning and losing. The children played a number of games and were all showing sides of great sportsmanship.

In the afternoon, we went for a dip in the pool and the children practiced what they have learnt over previous weeks. Then they enjoyed some party time in the pool.

Pool fun!

Finally, we were had some guests in the classroom – Gerard with Milo, Lulu and Holly. The children asked some great questions about caring for a dog. Everyone was very curious and gave them all a good fuss once we exhausted all our questions.

We all said that stroking a dog makes us happy.

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    • It was fun when the dog πŸ• Lulu,Milo,Holly .

      I love ❀️ the party πŸŽ‰ in the swimming pool.

      Thank you 😊 Mr Gordon
      and Mrs Patel and even liked the Rock Band.

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