Well-being Wednesday 6Red

What an awesome day, 6Red. My favourite day with you guys so far. I hope you got as much out of it as I did.
What was your favourite activity and why?
Which BH values did you use today?

As a year group, we went outside and played ‘Football Corners’. We learnt a new game and enjoyed the play. Lots of children proved they had hidden skills – we even found ourself a superstar goalie!

The scent of baking bread filled the Year 6 area today (and down the corridor after delivering some to Mrs Frankish and Mrs Donnelly. All of the children worked hard and as a team to make their bread. Lots of skills were involved: measure, mixing and most importantly kneading. The outcomes were superb – all loaves could have been sold!
Why do you need to knead the bread?
What makes the bread rise?

In two weeks time, Year 6 will be presenting our annual Harvest Assembly. As part of our well-being day, the children turned their hand to rapping a Harvest song to the tune of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Well, we not only discovered a secret goalkeeper in the group, we’ve also got a couple of budding rappers! There appears to be no end to our talents!

23 thoughts on “Well-being Wednesday 6Red

  1. My favourite activity was the football corners as we used teamwork to pass to each other people on our team.

    We needed to knead the bread so it can cook on the inside and the bread can rise.
    Putting the bread in a warm place would make it rise and get larger.

  2. My favourite activity was football corner because it was fun always saving the goal.
    The BH values we have used was teamwork because we all worked together.
    We need to kneed the bread so it s not sticky.
    It makes the bread warm temperature for it to become rice.

  3. I loved 🥰 the harvest rap and I love singing it was really fun to do the football because that was my favourite thing to do.But mr Inman was too good (but I’m better)I think the bread needs to be in a warm temperature for it to rise.I think you need to knead the bred to mix it together and get it into shape.

  4. What was your favourite activity and why?
    my favourite activity was when we did the football corners as it was very fun and multiple ways to score
    Which BH values did you use today?
    I used the value of teamwork as I encouraged my teammates to score

  5. What was your favourite activity and why?
    Football corners, because we have to go on different times and have to kick in 5 other goals
    Which BH values did you use today?
    I used resilience as we first were losing a lot but then I kept trying and scored more goals
    Why do you need to knead the bread?
    So it can rise easier
    What makes the bread rise?
    When the bread is near warm climate then it will rise

  6. My favourite activity was cooking we also used teamwork as we were following a variety of instructions .
    The reason we need to knead the dough is that it can cook properly.
    It can rise where it’s near a warm climate

  7. I had so much fun!
    My favourite part was making the bread because we helped each other and we knead the bread.
    You need to knead the bread so it cooks properly and the read rises when it is near a warm area

  8. I enjoyed football because it was fun and we can hit the other players bench and get them out.
    I used teamwork because on football and the bread we all work together and we mixed the bowl when we were making bread and we did it in terns and we were trying our best to get the other teams out in football.

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