Y2 have had a lovely well-being day today.
Share what you loved taking part in below.
Year 2 played an Active Maths game of Crocs. They used their knowledge of greater than and less than to solve a mathematical problem and apply what they have learnt.

We also worked together collaboratively to create beautiful doodle art inspired by the talented Mr Doodle (These are now up on display in our classrooms!)

We not only practised our school value of teamwork but had fun playing snap with a deck of cards.

9 responses to “Y2 Well-Being Day”

  1. Rayyan R.

    I always enjoy well being day.I wish we have another one.

  2. Isaac M.

    It was so much fun i really enjoyed it

  3. Iyla H.

    It was fuuuuuuuuun but i don’t go.

  4. Minsa M.

    Best day ever! I had a lot of fun.

  5. Rabia S.

    It was amazing and Fun.

  6. Aaron R.

    On wel being day it wow fun.

  7. Samuel N.

    It was so fun on well bean day a
    I cant Wait for next well bean day

  8. Rishaan C.

    What a great day it was. 👍

  9. Faith A.

    Best day very😁

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