Hello parents and guardians of our fellow Year 6 children.
CGP has offered an excellent discount price for revision books for your children.

The deadline to purchase this bundle is FRIDAY 15th DECEMBER 2023

Book bundle includes:
*KS2 English SATs Revision Book
*KS2 English SATs Questions Books
*KS2 Maths SATs Revision Book
*KS2 Maths SATs Question Book

How can I purchase this excellent bundle?

£9 in an envelope:
*Child’s Name
*CGP Book bundle

These will be ordered via school and delivered to your child’s class when they arrive. We will not be placing an order before the deadline so books will be arrive after this date.

9 responses to “Y6 CGP Books”

  1. Maryam I.


  2. Maryam I.

    I didn’t get CGP books even ifvI payed for them

  3. Ibrahim M.

    I’ve bought it thx

  4. Malachy B.

    I have officially broaut my cgp books and i have got them

  5. Mohamed E.

    I will buy it thanks for telling let me show to my kar- to my sister thanks everyone😅😅

  6. Tipian I.

    I will buy one tommorow ASAP

  7. Tipian I.

    Thank you

  8. Ayaan M.

    Ok thx

  9. Tana I.

    Thank you for the information

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