On Thursday 18th May, the Year 6 children will be selling baked goods to raise money for charity.

The cakes will be sold outside from the Science Pod from 2:55pm – 3:25pm.

We would love to see lots of you at the sale so make sure your parents bring some money with them at pick up. Those who walk home alone, can bring money with them. Cakes – 50p. Fairy cakes – 20p. Iced fairy cakes – 30p. Cookies 50p.

20 responses to “Y6 School Council Community Bake Sale”

  1. Simra S.

    Thank you for information

  2. Muhammad S.

    Thank for the info it was so deleciou

  3. Shayan S.

    Thanks for the information

  4. Ramarni J.

    Thanks for the information! It sounds delicious

  5. Ebunoluwa I.

    I might get the cup cakes

  6. Esa A.

    I will have really nice day

  7. Hurayn A.

    I’ll be buying tomorrow! 🧁

  8. Mohammed W.

    Thank you for the information

  9. Esa A.


  10. Ibraheem T.

    thank you for infomation i will check out hopefully

  11. Zahraa Y.

    Alright! I’ll ask my parents if I could have one! I bet either if I had it or not that they taste really good!!

  12. Shemaiah W.

    I will deflently buy some

  13. Tasneem S.

    Delicious cup cakes

  14. Mehar R.

    thanks for the information

  15. Mahid H.

    How much is one cake 🧁? Please let us know thank you 😘

  16. Mahid H.

    Ok 👍

  17. Tipian I.

    Ok but how much do you have to pay ?

  18. Tana I.

    Ok thank you very much for the information

  19. Austin Q.

    I will be there!

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