Year 1 – 2 After School Club-Adult and Child!

Thank you to all of the parents who have signed up for the after school club. Please check below and collect your child/children from their class as usual and then come to the all weather pitch, where we will be waiting for you!

Safiyyah 1 Blue
Rosie 1 Red
Martyna 1 Red
Rayyan R1 Red
Hatim 1 White
Kaavyashree1 White
Naksh2 Blue
Amina2 Red
Iqra2 Red
Naksh2 Red
Shayan 2 Red
Hamasah2 Red
Elim 2 Red
Evie 2 White
Dhonshan 2 White
Salaman2 White
Waniya 2 Blue

Many thanks

PE Team


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