Year 1 Homework

Hi Year 1!

For your last piece of homework in Year 1 we thought it would be a nice idea if you could tell us why you have enjoyed Year 1 and what you have enjoyed learning about. You could also think about what you would like to learn in Year 2.

You can either write this on the blog and on a piece of paper to show your teachers.

Lets make our last piece of homework a special one!

Year 1 teachers

23 thoughts on “Year 1 Homework

  1. In year 1 I have learnt to read and write very well. I have enjoyed doing all the topics and maths. My favourite story is Horrid Henry and I have also learnt how to write fiction stories which I enjoy very much.

    In year 2 I would like to learn hard hard maths. I am excited about the new playground.

    Miss Sargent and Mrs Carman I will miss you both to the moon and back. Your help and support has made me happy and helped me achieve a lot in the year.

    Thank you

  2. In year 1 I have enjoyed learning maths and science. I liked experimenting and planting my radish. My favourite thing about being in year 1 was being in Miss Addie’s class. I will also miss Mrs Walker she has been a wonderful teaching assistant.

    In year 2 i would like to do more swimming and would like to improve my handwriting.

  3. I have enjoyed maths, science and about dinosaurs in history. In year 2 I would like to learn how to do division in maths more confidently. I would like to thank Mr Stevenson and Mrs Patel in 1S because they have been excellent teachers to help me rocket to success.

  4. In year 1 I have enjoyed doing art. I have also learnt my maths, English literacy and much more. My teacher was really nice & supported me in my subjects.

    In year 2 I would like learn about different countries. I would like to learn swimming.

  5. I have enjoyed year 1 because the teachers always gave us challenging work.
    In year 1 I have enjoyed lots of things like dividing,animals and plant detectives.I also liked writing.
    In year 2 I would like to learn to write Horrid Henry stories and learn more about 3d shapes and there properties.

    In the last I will like to thanks the year 1 teachers for there support and kindness.
    I will miss you Ms Sargent and Mrs carman. You are the best teachers in the whole wide world.

  6. I have enjoyed my Year 1 because I learnt about portraits. My teachers are always supporting my in all of my subjects.
    I really enjoyed my reading and spellings and I have improved so much, as I can spell really long words.
    In Year 2 I would like to learn more about Maths so I can be more confident in this Subject.

  7. In year 1 I have enjoyed playing with my teachers because they were so nice and also the gave lots of support.I have learnt to remember my hi 5’s all the time in my long sentences.In year 2 I want to learnt lots of other ways to make lots of division solving problems.The fun things I want to make is that my teachers be alright every time.When I become a broad heath citizen In year 2 I will finnaly be able to have a badge,of my own.In year 2 to I will…GAIN FOREVER.I will miss my teachers,classroom and my old playground.

  8. In year 1 I have enjoyed using the howlers and javelins in P.E.Also I have enjoyed playing games in swimming such as Simon says , races and many more. In maths I have enjoyed dividing and multiplying by 10.In literacy I have enjoyed writing stories about fantasy settings .I have enjoyed doing experiments about plants in science.Overall I have enjoyed year 1.
    In year 2 I want learn tricky word that I did not know in year 1 . Also I want to learn how to write long complex paragraphs. Also I want to reader bigger text and stories. I am really looking forwad for year 2.

    • In year 2, I will have a new teacher and a new classroom.
      There are new things to play and to learn.
      Will there be more work?
      I would like to go swimming every week.
      I like doing maths about 3D and 2D shapes.
      In year 1, I sat on the most hardest table.My teacher Miss Sargent and Miss Carman helped me to get on green table.

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