Arts Week in Reception White

Reception White have had a exciting and fun week learning all about sculptures from the past and present. The children learnt and explored how different materials can be manipulated to create different effects. This week the children looked at sculptures created by Louise Bourgeoise and Auguste Rodin. The children were taught to manipulate a range […]

Teddy’s secret party

This week the children in Reception White have shared the story ‘Teddy’s Secret’. They have done looks of fun and exciting activities around this story. Which are writing some lovely party invitations for teddy’s friends and writing a list of party foods. The children have even been outdoors making presents and using the mud kitchen […]

Fruit tasting

This week the children in Reception White have been looking at healthy eating. They discussed why they should eat healthy foods and how helps them grow. The children described how a variety of different fruits and vegetables tasted, felt and looked like. They then used all information about healthy eating and created their own healthy plate.  […]

Reception White’s highlights from the week

This week the children looked at the story ‘Harry and the bucket full of dinosaurs go to school’. The children did lots of fun and exciting activities around this story. For example they talked about what makes them happy when at school, they made dinosaur poo, draw and describe a dinosaur and lots more.   […]

RW discuss what makes them happy at school

To build the children’s communication and language skills, they discussed activities that make them happy around the classroom and outdoor area. Watch the short clip below to see what the children in Reception White like doing.   Draw a picture of an activity that makes you feel happy. 

Book Week in Reception White

Reception White have had a fantastic start to the year. This week the children looked at the story ‘Night Monkey Day Monkey’. They got involved in lots of fun and exciting activities based around this story such as using their phonics knowledge to describe a monkey, ordering numbers, creating shadows, looking at which animals come […]

More fantastic entries for the art competition.

Look at how creative reception children are with their 3D models.  Amir Reception red Rishika Reception White   Yusuf Reception white Umama Reception White  Lusardo Reception White  Minaal Reception White  Yunus Reception red  Kirtan Reception White   Umar Reception White  Aran Reception White 

Art Challenge for Problem Solving week

As it is Problem Solving Week next week I have a challenge for you all! I want you to turn a 2d object of your choice into a 3d piece of art. Here are a few examples of what you could make. Are any ideas popping into your head?                                                         How you create it is entirely up […]

Transition day in Reception White

The nursery children have had a fantastic time in Reception White. The children have had the opportunity to get to know their class teacher Mrs Shergill and their learning support assistant Mrs Cotton really well. They also got the opportunity to explore different activities around the classroom as well as talking about things they enjoy […]

Ash End Farm

Reception White have had a fantastic time at Ash End Farm. They got see and feed lots of different animals. Watch the short video below to see all the excitement. Can you name all the different animals you saw today? Can you which kinds of birds we saw? How many litres of milk does a […]

Entrepreneur Week in Reception White

This week the children in Reception White  learnt all about the entrepreneur William Hamley. They got involved in lots of different activities around this entrepreneur. The children designed and made toys for Mr Hamley to put in his toy shop. They even look at money and the value of different coins. Watch the clip below to see […]

Reception Homework

Homework for this week will be;To learn your HFW words ready for the test next Friday. Draw and write 3 sentence about something you have enjoyed the most in reception this year. Play Helicopter resuce.

Washing hands

As part of health week, Reception White practiced washing their hands. Watch the clip below of the children teaching you have to wash hands. Can you name the steps to washing hands. Why is it important to wash your hands? Create a hand washing poster.

Reception White’s Spelling Bees

This week Reception White have had some spelling bees who have got 10 out of 10 in their spellings. A big well done goes to Hasbia, Umama, Aran, Abdullah and Rishika you all worked fantastically on getting 10 out of 10 in your test! Umama Rishika Hasbia Abdullah Aran You are certainly buzzing for success! […]

Reception spelling

Every Wednesday your child will get tested on how many high frequency words they can write. Therefore it is important that your child practises his or her spelling beforehand ready for test. Below is a list of spelling per colour group that your child is in. Good luck and let’s see who gets 10 out of 10 […]

RW are buzzing around bees

This week as part of their topic for minibeast, the children looked at bees. They found out and wrote some great facts about bees. They created tesselation patterns as well as making fantastic minibeast hotels. Watch the clip below to see what the children did throughout the week. Challenge Time Write three facts about a […]

All about frog

As part of Reception topics on minibeasts, Reception White looked at frogs. The childen learnt about the frogs life cycle, their habitats and diet. They even went outdoors to have a long jump competition between each other. The children also created a pond scene using a variety of materials. The children have also done some […]

Reception High Frequency Words

A key focus in reception this term is the ability to read and write high frequency words.   Every Wednesday your child will be tested on the amount of words that they can read and write. It is therefore important that you are practising these words at home alongside your reading.   Below is a list of […]

Butterfly farm

Reception White have had a fantastic time at the butterfly farm. They have had the opportunity to observe the life cycle of a butterfly and they have learnt what butterflies like to eat. The children also got some a variety of butterflies and minibeast.  Watch the clip below of the children’s exciting day.  What was […]

Scary spiders in Reception White

This term the children in Reception White will be learning all about minibeasts. To start this topic off the children have been looking at about spiders. They have learnt about their diets, habitats and appearances. The  children have really enjoyed learning about spiders. Watch the short clip below of all the different exciting activities the […]

Tin man

This week a group of children were selected to work on a special project. This project involved them working with an artist to plan and create a tin man using recycled tin cans. The experience gained from this project was valuable as it enabled the children to gain and develop new skills and techniques. Watch […]