Year 2 Maths Challenge

Little Man
This problem has been inspired by “The Man”, a story by Raymond Briggs, which you might like to read. The Man is much smaller than you and me.
Here is a picture of him standing next to a mug.

A little man next to a big mug

Can you estimate how tall he is?
Can you think of something that you have at school or home that is approximately twice as tall as the Man?
What about something that is about half as tall?

How tall do you think the Man’s mug might be?
Can you estimate how many “Man mugs” of tea might fill one of our mugs?

37 thoughts on “Year 2 Maths Challenge

  1. the man and the cup are the same size that is 4cm.
    I think it would take 6 cups to fill my cup.
    A television control is twice the size of the man and a rubber is half his size.

  2. Wow!
    Year 2, your estimating skills are improving!
    Mr Carter and I will be looking at all of your answers and deciding on a winner over the next few days….it’s not too late to enter!

  3. 1.The man is four cm tall.
    2.We have a light switch that is eight cm tall.

    3.One of my foot finger is two cm tall.

    4.The man’s mug is half a cm tall.
    5.I think ten man’s mug fill our mug.

    • Why are you saying this. Try giving an explanation like….I think the mug is….because we have mugs like that in our house. The man is the same size/ smaller so….

  4. * The man is about 5cm tall.
    * At home, I have a hairbrush that is 10cm long.
    * I have a pencil that is about 5 cm long.
    * The mans mug will be about 6 inches long.
    * The mug will hold about 60 litres of tea.

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