29 thoughts on “Year 2 PSHE

  1. I love my school because its a fun and learning activities here.
    Teachers are great, helpful,loving and intelligent.
    There are lots of clubs to enjoy.

  2. Year 2 pshe

    I think broad heath is an fantastic school, because we have super teachers who are the best, and are always helping us learning. The school children are all friendly and kind. We have new technology at four school like ipads, computers. We also have our very own swimming pool, we have our own football team. We have the best headteachers in Mrs Frankish, she makes sure everyone respect and followed the school rule.

  3. I think you are right, there are a lot of good things to say about Broad Heath; the swimming pool and the PE lessons are 2 of those things, and the teachers are kind!

  4. 1.Broad Heath is extremly fun
    2. Broad heath is really nice
    3.broad heath is exeullunt
    4. Broad Heath is the best
    5.broad heath is a team

  5. 1.Broad Heath is extremely fun
    2.Broad Heath is butifful
    3.Broad Heath is excellent
    4.Broad Heath is the best
    5.The best school is broad Heath

  6. Positives things would say at life of broad Heath is amazing
    All of the things we do and use is P.E iPads laptops swimming backwards PSHE

  7. I think if I was in the olden days I would change things obout spending like 3 hours to get there. So… I would change a few things,actually.

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