Year 2 Reading Challenge Summer 2 2022

If you can, read the text by yourself or you can have someone read it to you.

How many different species of minibeast are found in the United Kingdom?
Give 2 facts about millipedes.
How are the skeletons of most minibeasts different to humans?

Are caterpillars herbivores? How do you know? Give evidence from the text.
How are bees useful to humans?
Why do slugs often try to hide?

Use a dictionary to find the meaning of these words:
* environment     *species     *pollen    *quantity    *threatened

Research a minibeast of your choice using the internet or books and create a poster displaying key facts. Be creative – make it colourful, neat and add pictures. REMEMBER! Don’t just copy everything you read. Use your OWN words.


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  1. Bronze
    There are over 30,000 minibeasts in the United Kingdom.
    Millipedes have longer bodies and have lots of legs.
    Most minibeasts have a hard shell on the outside of their bodies to protect them. Some minibeasts are soft like worms. Humans skeleton is on the inside of their bodies.

    Caterpillars are herbivores because they eat leaves.
    Bees are useful because they collect pollen from the flowers to make honey. They help the flowers to grow.
    Slugs try to hide because they have soft bodies and can be seen and eaten.

    environment – the place around us where humans, animals and plants live.

    species – A group of animals, plants or other living things that share common characteristics.

    pollen – Pollen is a fine powder produced by flowers or plants or tree or grass. This makes some people sneeze.

    quantity – The amount of something that is needed.

    threatened – it is a sign or warning or a feeling of danger.

  2. Silver) caterpillars are herbivores because they eat apples ,leafs. bees are useful because they make humans feel annoyed. slugs hide because they think that a predator might kill them.
    Gold) environment means the place they live in. species means chapters. pollen means making honey.

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