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  1. The wow words are spires , turrets , tumbling and sinking.

    Every church has spires like triangular shape.

    Some castles have some turrets.

    The stones tumbling down the hill.

    The ship is sinking.

  2. Dickens thought that the street of London was paved with gold. When he got there he saw that it was not paved with gold. Dickens carried a cloth with some food on a stick.

  3. One time there was a boat sailing on the ocean but one time it was sinking into the deep sea. Now they could not get to the island to get the treasure and it has great stuff in it. One time a person came around in a gigantic ship. He was here to help the tumbling ship stop sinking in the sea. everybody in the ship said that ship is beautiful because it is a rainbow ship. They all got in the paddle boat and pushed the boat up.

  4. Wow!
    Year 2, you are fantastic!
    Mr Carter and I will be looking at all of your responses and deciding on a winner over the next few days….it’s not too late to enter!

  5. Dick Whittington was a poor man. He lived near rich nastasy and mean people. When he saw Alice, he thought she was glamorous he went to her older sister and asked her “who is that lovly girl” the lady replied, “Oh she is my little sister she is called Alice. Dick Whittington was a caring and responsible person. When he saw a caring and kind and loving girl called Alice he fell in love with her and he kept staring at her. Dick went on many different adventures around london and he enjoyed his work alot. :)

  6. D!ck could hear beautiful sounds and he knew it was the golden church bells. The sinking sun was burning like fire. He could feel it as he was now sweating.

  7. D1ck heard Beautiful sounds and he knew it was the golden church bells ringing loudly in his ears. The sinking sun was burning like fire. Dick could feel it as he was now sweating.

  8. D!ck Whittington wanted to go home because he was drowsy but he saw a attractive gorgeous beautiful princess in a tower.”I will save you beautiful princess”Said D!ck.He climbed like a monkey and saved the princess.The sun was beaming in his eye and that means it is the morning.D!ck was sleepy and very worn out because he saved the princess.

  9. Dick Whittington is a very helpful, kind, caring man who is always helping others. Dick has travelled from far away to London, because he is looking for a job. Along the way he is met by a fluffy cat.

    When Dick saw London, he was amazed to see a very beautiful city with full of houses, castle, people and a job chances.

  10. He teles truthes and he does not steal our tell a liey and he does not do anything bad our he does good things and the lion girl is soft and she wants them for dinner and they help the lion and she has now sisters and she does not hav a brother and she does not have a sword and she does not have any food but Dickwitten helps her and she feels happy egen and she gets to make food egen she has a sceltoun in her stick and she is feours and she makes a big sound and it is very loud.

  11. He is very helpfull and he does kind things and he has dusty clous and the couler is grey and he does kind things and he does not break the rulez he does not kick our punch people and the cat is bad he does bad things and he wears a pieret hat and clous they are red the hat is black and the lady is nice she is kind and she helps people she does not do bad thinds and she has a ponytail and a loevly dress and it is stripy and it is red she had a birthday.

  12. He is a good acter and I like when they fight with the sord there is a white sord and a glowing sord and the bady looses and the goody wins.

  13. He gets exsited to see every in london and the bells are goldon and they shin and he has dusty clous on and when he gets king he gets new clous on and he gets rich.

  14. Dickwitten is a kind man he helps people who gets hurt he helps them and when he got there he wanted a job but in london they want kind and he wanded a freind and then a cat came Dickwitten said do you want to be my freind the coud not speek and then at the end Dickwitten became the king and he meats a mother and a girl who is very nice and thie rs a cat beest and there are a lady who is a lion make the lady for dinner.

  15. Many people sank in the water because they cannot swim.
    Some people are poor, they get hungry and they cannot buy food.
    I was digging in the garden, I saw a golden ring.
    Every day I hear bell ringing in school I run inside.
    When teacher call Jaiden, it seem to be calling mr next.

  16. Dick Whittington is a very kind and helpful person and he helps people. Dick Whittington saw gold when he arrived at his place he said there is gold. He went hunting somewhere. He heard some noise when he arrived at the palace. He saw lots of houses when he arrived there. He saw lots of things that he never seen in his hole life. He liked gold but he wants gold because he hasn’t got gold and he hasn’t seen gold in his life but he has seen golden money that is made out of gold. He also likes hunting in places. The End

  17. At last he had found london oh it is goldon look that way its beatfull said Dickwinten hurd the sound church it was dreabling said Dickwilten .

  18. Sinking sun and

    One day the sunset was beautiful because of the sinking sun.


    The castle has spires.


    The turrets were spread out across the prison walls.

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