Thank you to Year 3 for being a delight to teach Computing to this year. You have all made great progress and learnt some really important skills that you will need in your future. This term, you have been debugging. I hope you will be able to transfer the processes your have learnt to all areas of your life.

What has been the most important skill you have learnt this year?

11 responses to “Year 3 Computing”

  1. Raisa-Marina V.

    I have learnt how to debug which means that you solve problems.

  2. Luxor A.

    Debug because when we use the computers It was difficult.

  3. l have learnt ow to be a debugger , that we make mistakes and we have to look carefully .c

  4. Mr Carter

    Well done everyone. I know that debugging will help you with lots of problems you face.

  5. Saira S.

    My most important skill I have leant this year was debugging and coding.

  6. Steven N.

    I liked debugging and computing

  7. Aayan M.

    We learned about debugging and computing in lessons well done Mr Carter.

  8. Saffiyah K.

    I think it is debugging

    1. Saffiyah K.

      because it might help me with my computing.

  9. Afsana K.

    I learned how to be a debugger.

  10. Sabah S.

    I have learnt how to be a debugger, that we make mistakes and we have to look carefully.

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