78 thoughts on “Year 3 Homework Summer 2 Week 5

  1. hello my name is arjun.
    My favourite colour is black and red.
    My favourite food is pizza.
    I like to go out side to play football.
    I watch cracket and football.
    i am not shy.

  2. English,
    Dear miss woodman, I know that we have met already on transfer day.
    I hope you don’t mind if you can answer a few questions. Why are you a teacher. What do you eat. Do you have a sister or brother. What is your favourite pet.
    Math,30/30 on TTRS.

  3. Maths
    I have done my ttrs

    Hello my name is Safa
    My favourite colour is blue
    I am super excited to learn new things
    My favourite subject is art and maths

  4. Dear Miss woodman my name is Keyan
    i like to play football with my friends a lot
    My favourite colour is light Blue because it’s
    Makes me feel better when I’m upset
    My favourite subjects are English ,history and PE.

  5. Dear Miss Khaliq,
    I am writing to you because I want to find about year 4. I am super excited to learn new things. I need to improve in my art skills of drawing people.
    My favourite subject is maths and science because maths is a little bit challenging and fun and in science we learn about space and it is interesting.

    I have be learning a bit about you like you have 5 children and you speak Urdu and english. You are born in the UK.

    Since I don’t know alot about you I want to ask you some questions: What religion are you?, how many years haclve you been in this school?

  6. Dear Mr Kane
    My name is Khadeeja. My favourite subject is maths and LBQ. I’m eight years old and I’ll be nine years old in 27th of November.
    In my free time I like to read, gardening, bake, cook, colour and draw. I speak three languages and they are Arabic, Kurdish and English.
    I love wearing my glasses on because they help me to see and make things bigger for me.
    I’m strong girl because I love eating healthy food. I also like being active and do sports.
    I am looking forward to have a funny year with my new teacher just like Mrs Khaliq in Y3. I am also happy that Mrs Walker is still going to be with us.

    Your sincerely

  7. Dear Mrs Woodman,
    My name is Madeeha.
    I was born in England.
    I like doing art at home and school.
    My favourite colour is purple.
    My favourite subject is art , science , maths and english.
    I will miss Miss Holland and Mrs Bagum when we move in to year 4.
    I am sure they might come next time to see us again and might teach us again.
    If we exams i hope i pass and i push my self forward . I will do my best on trying harder and trying to get all the questions correct.
    I am so excited to be learning about magic in yr 4.
    I am looking forward to go to yr 4

  8. Maths
    I have played ttrs.
    Hello mrs khaliq and mrs katum.
    My name is Welat I like sports.
    My favourite subject is math.
    I like doing art projects.
    My favourite colour is blue.
    I hope you know something about me.

  9. Dear miss Khaliq
    I am very excited to be in your class and Start year 4, since everything is going to be different , I hope to learn many new things.Im really interested in space , bugs and animals because when I’m older I think I’d like to be a biologist. Also I might be a doctor or forensic, because they look so interesting to me .In school I try to always be polite , kind and caring because that is the way I like people to treat me .
    I enjoy school because I like learning new things but mainly swimming and playing with my freinds .At home I like playing with my cat and dog ,playing on my ipad singing ,drawing and arts and crafts .
    I hope that this year I can improve on my times tables, my handwriting and my punctuation.

    Looking forward to seaing you in September
    From Delilah

  10. Dear Mrs Woodman,
    My name is Inder and my favourite hobby is drawing and crafting . My favourite subject is Science because we do experiment and it is interesting. I will miss my year 3 teachers. I learned lot of things in year 3 .I like to do PE and playing games with my friends .
    I have done my TTRS.

  11. Dear Mrs Woodman,

    Let me introduce myself, I am Muhammed Gray, I am enthusiastic, passionate not shy to put my hand up in class . I have a hunger to learn and hope you can push and challenge me to take the next step in my dream of becoming a dentist.

    One of my big passions is Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, I enjoy watching the games on TV with my dad. My two favourite players are Harry Kane and Son Heung-min. I enjoying playing football with all my friends at school and we even make up some of our own goal celebrations.

    Outside of school I do kick boxing on the weekends and occasionally play computer games but my parents only allow me to do this during school holidays.

    Kind Regards

    Muhammed Gray

  12. Dear mrs khaliq,
    my name is rola . I am 8 years old
    I live in Nigeria but I was born in london.
    I know how to make Nigeria food like indomie.
    sometimes I play with my brother when he is around.
    I am happy to be in year 4 white.

  13. Maths:
    I have done my ttrs
    Hello there Miss Woodman and Mrs sanders
    My name is Mahdi
    My favourite colour is blue
    I enjoyed doing clubs
    Im very sad that to say Miss Holland is going to a new class but we are moved classrooms though I’ll see Miss Holland in next year.
    Also see you next time Miss Woodman and Mrs sanders.

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