This week your homework is:

Maths – TTRS make sure you play at least 4 times.

English – Write a letter to your new teacher introducing yourself and post on the blog so they can read it.

WOW – Create a poster about forces.

All homework is due in on Wednesday.

78 responses to “Year 3 Homework Summer 2 Week 5”

  1. Arjun G.

    hello my name is arjun.
    My favourite colour is black and red.
    My favourite food is pizza.
    I like to go out side to play football.
    I watch cracket and football.
    i am not shy.

  2. Vaneza S.

    Dear miss woodman, I know that we have met already on transfer day.
    I hope you don’t mind if you can answer a few questions. Why are you a teacher. What do you eat. Do you have a sister or brother. What is your favourite pet.
    Math,30/30 on TTRS.

  3. Safa S.

    I have done my ttrs

    Hello my name is Safa
    My favourite colour is blue
    I am super excited to learn new things
    My favourite subject is art and maths

  4. Mohammed D.

    Dear Miss woodman my name is Keyan
    i like to play football with my friends a lot
    My favourite colour is light Blue because it’s
    Makes me feel better when I’m upset
    My favourite subjects are English ,history and PE.

  5. Minhaj A.

    Dear Miss Khaliq,
    I am writing to you because I want to find about year 4. I am super excited to learn new things. I need to improve in my art skills of drawing people.
    My favourite subject is maths and science because maths is a little bit challenging and fun and in science we learn about space and it is interesting.

    I have be learning a bit about you like you have 5 children and you speak Urdu and english. You are born in the UK.

    Since I don’t know alot about you I want to ask you some questions: What religion are you?, how many years haclve you been in this school?

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