Year 3 – Meeting and Greeting in Spanish

Hola! ¿Cómo estás?

In Year 3 we have been learning how to meet and greet each other in Spanish. We have also learnt how to say, ‘My name is….’ in Spanish and ask others what their name is in Spanish too.

How are you?
Me llamo…

Watch our AMAZING videos to see how well we are doing in our Spanish lessons.

Can you list all the key vocabulary you have learnt this half term – how many words and phrases can you remember?


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  1. Hola= Hello
    Buenos Dias= Good morning
    buenas tardes=Good afternoon
    Señor= Mr
    Señorita y Señora=Mrs
    Me llano= My name is
    Rojo= Red
    Naranja= Orange
    Rosa= Pink

  2. Well done to everyone! You have worked hard this half term – here is all the vocabulary learnt this half term and the correct spellings:
    Hola = Hello
    Adios = Goodbye
    Hasta luego = See you later
    Buenos días = Good Morning
    Buenas noches = Good Night
    Buenas tardes = Good Afternoon
    Gracias = Thank You
    Estoy Bien = I am fine
    Muy bien, gracias = I’m very well, thank you
    Regular/asi asi = okay
    fatal = really bad
    mal = bad
    phenomenal = great
    Y tu? = and you?
    Cómo estás = How are you?
    Como esta = How are you?
    Que tal? How are you?
    me llamo = My name is
    como te llamas? What is your name?

  3. Hello = hola
    Good morning – buenos dias
    Good afternoon =buenos tardes
    Good evening = buenos noches
    Goodbye = Adios
    See you later = hasta luego
    How are you = como esta
    I’m good = femular
    Said an Ahamad

  4. Hello=Hola
    Good morning=buenos dias
    good afternoon=Buenos tardes
    Good evening=Buenos notches
    See you later= hasta luego
    How are you=como esta
    I’m good = moi bueno

    Mustafa and Arifa

  5. -hello = hola
    -Good morning = Buenos Dias
    -Good afternoon = Buenos tardes
    -Good evening = Buenos noches
    -Me llamo = my name is
    -bye = adios
    -Thank you = Gracies
    -what is your name = ¿ Como te llamas?
    -And you = a tu
    -okay = asi asi
    -I’m fine = Etsy bein

  6. okay = muy bein gaslyas
    bad = fenonmal
    and you = yu tu
    hello = hola
    good morning = bonas dias
    good afternoon = bonas tardes
    good night = bonas noches
    see you later = hasta luego
    how are you = ?como ‘esta’?
    Ianis and Sabiha

  7. Person 1= Hola
    Person 2 = Bunas Dias
    Person 1 = ¿Cómo estás?
    Person 2 = Estoy bien gracias y tu.
    Person 1= Buena gracias.
    Person 2 = Adiós.
    Person 1= Hasta luego.

  8. Hello=hola
    Good morning=bonues dias
    Good afternoon=bonues targes
    Good evening=bonues notches
    Good bye=adios
    ¿Como te llamas?=what is your name?

  9. Good morning = buenos Dias
    Good afternoon= buenos trades
    Good evening=buenos noches
    Good bye=Adios
    See you later=Hasta luego
    How are you=como Estas
    I’m good =regular
    Thank you = Garcias
    What is your name=¿Como te uamas.?
    My name is =muamo
    Okay=asi asi
    And you=¿Y tu

  10. Spanish words and phrase
    Hola =hello
    Good morning =Buenos Dias
    Good afternoon =Buenos tardes.
    Good night =Buenos noches.
    My name is…=Me llamas

  11. Hello =hola
    Good morning=Bona disa
    Good afternoon =Bona tardis
    Good evening
    Good bye
    See you later
    How are you
    I’m good
    Thank you
    What is your name
    My name is

  12. Hello=hola
    Good morning =buenos Dias
    Good afternoon =buenos tardes
    Good evening =buenos noches
    See you later=Hasta luego
    How are you=como estas
    I’m good thank you=muy bien Gracias
    What is your name=como te llamas?
    My name is=Me llamo……
    And you=y tu?

  13. Hello = Hola
    Good morning = Buenos Dias
    Good afternoon = Buenos Tardes
    Good evening = Buenos Noches
    Goodbye = Adios
    See you later = Hasta Luego
    How are you = Como Estas
    I’m good = Muy Bien
    Thank you = Gracias
    What is your name? = Como Te llamas?
    My name is = me llamo
    Okay = regular and asi – asi
    Bad = fatal
    And you? = y tu?

  14. What’s your name = como te llamas
    Hello = hola
    Good morning = buenos Dias
    Good afternoon = buenos trades
    Good evening = buenos noches
    Good bye = adios
    See you later = hasta luego
    My name is…. = me llamo….
    How are you = como esta
    I’m good = estoy bien
    Thank you = Gracias
    Okay = asi asi

    Marta Muhammedk. Yahya