Year 3 PE Club

The following students have been selected to take part in an after school PE club on Mondays. The sessions will run on the 7th, 14th 21st 28th November, and 5th of December, and will run until 3:55. We would like all of the following children to attend where possible, and all adults to complete the following to say if their child can/cannot attend. If there are any questions please let us know.

3 Blue Eesaa A, Sami, Ameera, Halimah, Muhammad Khan, Eliza

3 Red Sumayyah A, Mya , Hammaad, Mohammed Najib, Zakariyah, Jebrin

3 White Subodh, Rahim, Safwan, Haroon, Hishaam, Andreea-Maya, Hadiya, Rayan, Vanessa, Muhammad Omar, Aadam

Please can adults from ALL the selected students complete the link below.

Many thanks,


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