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  1. Bronze

    Riddle- a question you ask someone which plays a trick on the mind.
    ‘They asked me a riddle’

    Whizzed- when something is quickly moving through the air with a whistling or buzzing sound.
    ‘ the kite whizzed through the sky’


    Dear diary,
    I saw a goblin today. He looks green and was wearing crown. He had yellow eyes and long ears. I didn’t see but I think he would long nails. I was very scared. Then he said “how do you want to do die?” I was very confused. I didn’t know what he meant but Hong answered correctly. I was happy at that. Then the goblins took our key. I was angry so I planned to get it back.


    1) “So the goblin asked you when do you want die and hong said of old age but when do you want to die?”

    “I want to die when I’m an adult”

  2. Bronze:
    I dawdled along the way to the shops because I hated going there.
    She was scarcely told off yet she thought she was not a good student.
    I was quivering nervous that the monsters would find me.
    I was frazzled as I walked through the jungle.

  3. Bronze
    The rescued puppy:
    Yippping_ yipping means when someone gives a sharp, cry or yelp.
    Obedience_ obedience means a compliance with an order, request, or law.
    Chittering_ chittering means when you make a chattering sound.
    Thumping_pounding in a heavy, continuous way.

    The dog was yipping in the floral themed garden filled with lots of plants.
    The woman was going to put a obedience to the poor man.
    He was chittering as the ice cold snow started to drop on the green grass.
    She started to thump her feet on the ground that was all covered in grass.

  4. Bronze
    Cowered: To crouch down in fear.
    Companions: A person or animal with whom one spends a lot of time or with whom one travels.
    Unknown: An item or person not known or familiar.
    Prospect: The possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring.
    Summoned: To order someone to be present.
    Marshalled: To assemble and arrange a group of people (especially troops )in order.
    Dominions: A sovereignty or control.
    Dear Diary,
    Two days ago I offered my daughter’s pieces of land to control over depending on how much they love me. I gave two of my daughter’s a quarter of the land. This is because they said they love me very much and because my last daughter Cordelia which is my favourite on said nothing, I banished her to another country. I was very furious when I found out my two daughters only wanted land , wealth and control. I found out when my daughters started to disrespect me and I realised they didn’t love me that week. She was jealous and greedy because she wanted to inherit my 100 knights and squires If I got murdered or died naturally from old age. I finally thought about my other daughter Cordelia. The next day I leaped out of bed and rode my horse in the dark, grey clouds in the cold wet rain.I convinced her to come back and she accepted but she also replied she wanted to stay there for a while. I got back to ancient Britian and an anonymous person broke out into a sword fight. As the stranger won he revealed him self with the name Edmund. Cordelia passed away and I was devastated. But my two other daughters were in big trouble. They deserved it for lying to me but I didn’t feel like being alive without Cordelia my precious daughter.
    Me: “hello King Lear I am going to ask you a series of questions and you have to answer them truthfully.
    King Lear: “Sure I will try to be as honest and elegant as I can answering these questions of yours”
    Me: “do love all your daughter’s equally?”
    King Lear “I don’t really but after my daughter’s not including Cordelia didn’t love me I loved Cordelia more and disliked the daughters that didn’t love me more.
    Me: “Do you think you are a thoughtful king?”
    King Lear: “After I came back for Cordelia and thought about how she was feeling, I do think I am mostly thoughtful.
    Me: “Ok King Lear this is the last question.Do you think These questions are offensive in any way?”
    King Lear: “No not at all they are absolutely fine to ask.”
    Me: “That is all of the questions bye King Lear I hope you have and excellent day!”
    King Lear: “You too. Thank you and bye bye, this report was interesting.”

  5. Stegosaurus= Name of a dinosaur.
    Stegosaurus are extinct now.

    Dear diary today is my birthday and i am very happy and excited. I hope today is filled with dinosaur thin gs and i get to meet a real dinosaur.

    Why do you like dinosaurs so much?
    I liked dinosaurs since i was little.

  6. Bronze
    Stubby=shirt and thick

    The little munchkins were so small with stubby little fingers .

    Standing ovation= a period of prolonged applause where the crowd or audience stand up.

    Dear diary
    I have left my home in the forest to go and explore the world beyond the woods and play the piano in amazing places for 100s of people.I feel happy ,sad, also excited, sad to leave my freinds happy to go on a new adventure and play music and also excited to see new things I’ve never seen befre .


    1..What inspired you to play the piano ?
    I found a piano one day , and I fel inlove with the sound that I played it everyday .

    2..How long did it take you to learn to play?
    I started when I was just a small cub , and I played every season even rainy and snowy days .I was very dedicated but it took a long time , I played for about 5 years everyday

    3..Were you scared to leave the forest?
    Yes , I was indeed,because I had never left the forest or my freinds amd familly.I was scared what was out there and if people would be nice and like my music .Also I was scared my familly would forget me

    4…Did you miss home?
    Yes I did everyday , the city was great but in my heart I missed my old life so much . The forest and the peacefulness there and my familly .The city was so busy and loud .
    5..what was the greatest part about being in the big city?
    There were many great things that I experienced, I won awards , qas in magazines and met famous musians but the best part qas playing for people and seeing them happy .

  7. Bronze:
    1. I do not know the meaning of underestimate
    My brother underestimated me.
    2. I do not know the meaning of several.
    I had several chances to score.
    3. I do not know the meaning of determined.
    I was determined to complete this course.

  8. Bronze
    Exceptionally. to a greater degree. not like most others.
    the weather was exceptionally mild today.
    Demanding needing lot of time and attention. The baby has been very demanding today.


    Dear diary i am fluffy the cat i like playing in the garden catching butterflies. My familly told me im going to a new family and house, i am very sad and will miss my first family. I hope my new family look after me and i have a nice friend to play with.

  9. Bronze:
    Mountain top are pierce as a strong, shiny sword tip.
    At dinner I eat tasty morsels of food.
    When you are fighting you might flee away.
    When a baby cries they make screeching noises.
    Dear Diary,
    Today has been a hard-working day at space with my friends. In space I went to the Dead Cayon and landed on planet bones but it was stressful because of the vultures that is trying to attack me and my friends.

    The process of going to planet bones was very hard and I could’ve died. With our space ship we have managed to kill all of the vultures to get to planet bones.

    After we have done that there was a tornado coming and I said that ”don’t run away, the tornado might push us to planet bones.

    After when I have rest I will go and visit planet bones, I hope that I am not going to die.
    ”How are we going to discover planet bones?”
    ”Well it is a big place to go so shall we start at the skeleton?” asked and replied Nok to Max.
    ”NO off course not, I think we should get some food from the plants because I am pretty hungry”
    ”I think your right.” agreed with Max and disagreed to himself by Nor.

  10. Bronze

    Solitary – done or existing alone
    – single/one

    The man across the road lived in solemn solitary .


    Dear diary,

    It has been years since mum left all I have left of her it’s her Vogue magazines and a single solitary picture that miraculously floated up from the flames dad started. I have found a new passion something I’m going to have to keep secret from the rest of my family. Dad doesn’t really approve of anything feminine he wants me to be masculine and fit a certain expectation. He doesn’t know about my picture of Mum. He doesn’t even know about my interest in fashion. If he did he’d be very ashamed of me. It’s really hard keeping a secret like this to myself, but I found a new friend her name is Lisa and she really understands me , me and her have got this scam that we’re gonna pull off and involves a boy in a dress. It’s going to be a big risk but I think we can pull it off. I just hope no one notices, because if they do I’m a deadman.


    How did you cope when your mum left ?

    It was really tough , especially since dad‘s house rules were no hugging no crying and no talking about mum . Sometimes I used to cry in my bedroom and sometimes my older brother heard me and he would say stop crying crying , this for girls. This isn’t good for my mental health because anyone can feel emotions boys and girls.

    What message would you like to spread to the world ?

    That you shouldn’t be expected to fit into a certain stereotype as anyone has the capabilities of doing anything .

    How did you meet Lisa ?

    I met Lisa , whilst in detention for kicking a football through a window in school.

    How did you feel when all the boys wore dresses at the football match ?

    I felt confident as a feeling of unity and empowered, as to have all my team mates standing with me is a privilege .

  11. My book – The spoilt holiday

    Slippery – e.g. ice not easy to walk on.
    Stirrups – for the feet of the people who are riding the horse 🐎

  12. Gold challenge.
    “Hello I am Skye”. “We’re going to a unicorn game, would you like to come ?”Unicorn game”? We’d love to”. “Brilliant”! said Skye. Rosy was worried and said I can’t find the medal. Don’t worry we’ll help you.
    We looked everywhere but we didn’t find the 3 medals.

  13. Bronze Challenge:
    I don’t know what Gangsta means:
    Gangsta means when your Granny is a Gangsta that they are popular.
    I don’t know what Billionaire means:
    Billionaire means that they are rich and they have lots of money.
    Silver Challenge:
    I want to be a Gangsta Granny I will steal money from people’s houses to become very famous and rich and popular. Gangsta’s steal from the Tower of London and steal the Queens Crown Jewels the Crown Jewels are expensive and they have accessories on them.
    But when they trying to steal it they want to be rich and be popular because they want to steal crown jewel and the Queen came and she said why you both here stealing my crown jewel.
    When they steal it they can’t because the queen came.
    But they want to get lot of money and ring or necklace because in the special box she got lots of gold necklace and gold ring and when they want to be rich and be popular and when the police came and following gangster granny they will go inside to jail and when they to Tower of London they went to see crown jewel and the queen came and she said oh what you both stealing my crown jewel and what both are you doing in my house.
    Gold challenge:
    Do you enjoy your role?
    Is it hard work acting?
    How many hours a day do you work?
    How many co_workers do you work with?
    How long does it take to complete a book or a movie?

  14. Bronze
    Dapple – Grey= Grey with a mottled pattern of darker grey markings.
    As a boy, he had watched Dad breaking in a young fiery, dapple grey colt.
    Mouse – coloured=Of something having a drab pale brown color resembling a mouse.
    She went from a frizzy mouse-colored brunette.
    Pinner= A woman’s cap with two long flaps pinned on.
    The woman wore a pinner cap with long lappets.
    Dapple= A small contrasting part of something.
    The floor was dappled with pale moonlight.
    Dear Diary,
    Tonight was the best day of my life! I got to dance with Prince Charming and her was such a gentleman. My Fairy Godmother was so kind to give me the night of my dreams. With her magic wand she transformed a pumpkin into a golden carriage and a tiny mice into strong, white horses. My dress was an sparking blue with sparkle glass shoes. When I arrived at the palace, I was nervous because I thought my wicked stepmother would notice me. As I walked down the stairs my nerves disappeared because I saw the Prince. Hey smiled at me and asked me to dance. I was having a great time but I suddenly heard the clock strike 12. I had to run! As the Prince ran after me, I lost one of my glass shoes but I had not chance to pick it up. I was so worried I wouldn’t make it back in time. Luckily I did – Phew!
    What a phenomenal evening!
    Cinderella do you like you stepsisters and you stepmother?
    No I don’t like them.
    How did you manage to run that quick in time?
    It was because I was in a rush.
    What do your step sisters get you to do?
    They get me to do the dishes, wash the clothes and clean the house.
    Do you like the Prince?

  15. Bronze
    Sprawling – spreading out of a large area in a untidy or irregular way.
    The lava sprawled out of the volcano.
    Vessel – A ship or a large boat.
    The vessel is coming tommorow at 10am.
    Harpoon- a spear or javelins used in fishing or whaling.
    Fishing men carry harpoons with them.
    Tommorow I’m going on an adventure to find the beast called Glaki. I’ve heard much about him. He can freeze water into weapons so I need to be prepared. I need to leave early in the morning so I can have a good chance of capturing and defeating him. Elenas excited for this adventure and can’t wait to go.

  16. Possesion meaning:To be controlled by another.

    Dear diary
    It was another day of your shop is my parents are in the changing room so
    I went in I saw my friend he was not normal then I knew he was possessed cause he said so.

  17. Bronze:
    She had just finished her sulk when there was a knock at the door.
    There was a terrific bang upstairs.
    Dear Diary,
    I had the best day of my life at school because I got to do fun things at school but all of a sudden I got bullied.My new friends would make.fun of me and my old friends I played with at play time. It really hurt my feelings so I went away to play by my self.A girl called Alicia was the only one believing me. As I went to play with her they made fun of me because I didn’t have an I phone. But I didn’t care I just ignored them as they would make fun of me. Everyone would call me a weirdo because Lilliana and her friends would video me every single day. That’s all I got for you and please wish me good luck because I will go back to school with those bullies again.
    Hi Nala how are you today?
    Ohh I’m great thank you what about you?
    I’m super but if you mind can we be friends because we know each other very well.
    Yayyyy thank you umm shall we go to the shops.
    Of course I love shopping.
    Great I will just get a bag and drive you there.
    Okay. Wait shall we get a smoothie?
    I will LOVE to omg you know me so well.
    I think we shall go home because it’s getting dark.
    Yeah I think we should go home but can you drive me to my house because I forget to get my car.
    Okay you can go now.
    Bye Lana.
    Bye Nala.
    See you soon X.
    You too!
    I think we will go to the studio tomorow and make a song up.
    Sure we will be great! See you there tomorow.
    Okay now I need to go sleep good night to myself then.
    That’s all I got for you.
    If there’s an other reading challenge like this maybe I can share more stuff with you.

  18. Mrs Natasha may I ask you some questions. Ahem 1.When did you last use a fairy ring or seen? “I know where one is but never seen one in my life.”
    2. How old is your grandma?
    “I think 78 or maybe 80.”
    Thank you Mrs Natasha this can give us a lot of information that can help us free pillywiggins.

  19. Bronze:
    Capture meaning:
    take into one’s possession or control by force.
    I Captured a burger because he was stealing things.
    Red Land was the barren desert that protected Egypt on two sides. The red Land was more strict which ment
    couldn’t grow crops in red Land.

  20. tile: The masked cleaning ladies meet the pirates

    Don’t know: (This is the golden horse of tong). Tong – To take, gather, hold, or handle with tongs.

  21. Universe means everything that exists, especially all physical matter including all the stars, planets and galaxies

    Satisfied means please because you got what you wanted.

    Unbelievably means in a way that is very surprising or difficult to believe.

  22. BRONZE:
    Dragsters: a car built or modified to take part in drag races.
    Nitro: containing or being the monovalent group NO2 united through nitrogen
    Hypersonic: relating to speeds of more than five times the speed of sound.
    Relating to sound frequencies above about a thousand million Hertz.
    Dear diary, today
    started off with me doing practice laps. I was later joined by some friends who wanted to compete with me. I was so confident that they would lose. As the race started I could not move. My car wouldn’t start. I didn’t understand, but my car had broken down due to all the practising I had been doing. I was happy for my friends as they finally had beaten me. So it was my turn to treat them to ice cream as I had lost. It was a good day.

  23. Gazed:
    Look steadily and intently, especially in admiration, surprise, or thought.
    He could only gaze at her in astonishment.
    When you are waving something or when an animal waves its tail.
    The tiger wagged its tail.
    Dear diary,
    I’m mr soufflés I just moved in I painted something and the 3 children were guessing the animal I felt like a famous painter. One of the kids guessed the animal which was a tiger but the children had to go. I felt kind of surprised how they already like me. The next morning the children and me went back to the wall where I painted the tiger and it jumped out of the wall. I was shocked and left speechless but kind of surprised at the same time. I don’t know what happened next but the children knew.
    Mr soufflés I want to ask you some questions.
    1. Why did you paint a tiger on the wall?
    2. Did you use a kind of special paint on the wall?
    3. And finally when did you get the idea of painting a tiger.

  24. Bronze:
    This is my book called finding nemo i have lots of word that i do not know.
    Coast: The part of the land adjoining or near the sea
    Anemone: A plant of the buttercup family which typically has brightly coloured flowers and deeply divided leaves.
    Perched: (of a building) be situated above or on the edge of something.
    Steep: of a slope, flight of stairs, or angle) rising or falling sharply; almost perpendicular.
    I am writing this diary about this book called there is a snake in my school.
    Dear Diary,
    I have been waiting for this day so much which is called bring your pet to school.My pet is a snake that when i arived to school everyone was really shocked that they did not even noticed my snake is not scary it is actually really funny and she makes fun games like a fun slide a hoola hoop all different things even a swing.But the headteacher took our pets away and mostly she stuffed my snake in the bin.So one day i went to visit and my snake ate the headteacher so everyone could bring there pet everyday to school.
    We are going to talk about books that are really popular that kids have read at school or home.
    Diary of the wimpy kid.
    Pete the cat who saves christmas.
    The tiger that comes to tea.
    Peter rabit.
    So we are going to discover all of these books what are they about and why did people love reading them

  25. Bronze challenge:
    I am Reusing the cup.
    I have found that prefection is a word.
    Someone found the word nevertheless and it is so hard to explain that word.

    Silver challenge:
    They feel good and they might do is explain questions,talk and read in that day.

    Gold challenge:
    Where do you live?
    How do you feel?
    Are you a boy or a girl?
    What is your country?
    What is your name?

  26. Bronze Challenge:
    I don’t know what Gangsta means:
    Gangsta means when your Granny is a Gangsta that they are popular.
    I don’t know what Billionaire means:
    Billionaire means that they are rich and they have lots of money.
    Silver Challenge:
    I want to be a Gangsta Granny I will steal money from people’s houses to become very famous and rich and popular. Gangsta’s steal from the Tower of London and steal the Queens Crown Jewels the Crown Jewels are expensive and they have accessories on them.
    Gold Challenge:
    Do you enjoy your role?
    Is it hard work acting?
    How many hours a day do you work?
    How many co_workers do you work with?
    How long does it take to complete a book or a movie?

  27. Bronze
    What a catastrophic earthquake!
    I was intreuged by your question.
    He looked vaguely familiar.
    There are going to be various activeties at the spring party!
    Dear Diary,
    Today was the BEST day ever!At school we did so much fun activaties!Mr Peters announced that there will be a school play at the spring party he didin’t tell us in much futher details though. When he was teaching our english lesson he said we had to act out a parody show and there would be groups of 6.Me Molly and Jess ammideatly looked at eachother but we were a bit clueless about the last 3 then my WORST nightmare happend . The mean girls Poppy and Amber were bouncing over like bouncy balls to me Molly and Jess! Amber said “Lottie has been talking non-stop about you Molly”. Wich was a big fat LIE. Then Poppy said”can we please join your group!” I responded with ” No you evil witches!!!” Then Amber and Poppy said ” FINE we dont wanna hang out with BIG loosers like you!” Then they bounced off again.So me Jess and Molly diceded to pick DREAMY Daniel, BEAUTIFAL Theo and POP STAR Jack. It was SOO MUCH FUN. We did a killer baby parody. In drama class Miss Holland announced that the play would be the little mermaid. I clapped and said”Thats my FAVOURITE film!” Even though in highschool disney movies are a liitle bit primary school but i didnt care.She said that the tryouts should start on 24 Febuary. I was SO exited. Anyways thats all for today! Wish me luck!!
    Hi Lottie what are you gonna be singing for us today??
    Under the sea!
    How are you feeling??
    Quite nervous and happy a little bit of a mix you know.
    A little bit of nervousnes is alright.And may I ask you some questions first Miss Lottie Brooks?
    Sure Miss Holland
    OK so why did you want to audition?
    I wanted to audition because I just wanna do somthing new and express my singing voice to others.
    Lovley responce! Why did you choose under the sea as your song?
    I chose this song because I would LOVE to get Sebastion as my role.
    Amazing ok you can start when your ready.

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