As language detectives, this week,  we have used what we know to work things out and find out more about languages.

Your task for the rest of the week is to continue being language detectives and look out for different languages you hear (friends, restaurants, adverts) or see (packaging).

Keep a note of your findings and record on this class blog.

I will share your responses with the class on Monday next week.

47 responses to “Year 4 – Language Detectives”

  1. Mrs Kiani

    Well done to all the children who have taken the time to respond to the blog. A special well done to those children who have listed some vocabulary from different languages as well. I have spoken to all of you in the classroom of the expectations and examples of good work – keep it up and let’s see more examples of Language detecting!

  2. Karanbir B.

    Sata srī akāla=helo in punjabi

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