Year 4 maths challenge – Spring 2


Bronze – Write the co-ordinates for each of the images on the grid.

coordinates and perimeter

Silver – Create the grid above and then plot each of the shapes (join as you draw).

Gold – Complete the silver challenge and then state the name of each of the shapes.

Platinum – Create your own grid and write the co-ordinates of where others should plot a variety of shapes. Make sure you have a completed version for others to use in order to check their work.

Please ask your teacher for squared paper to complete the challenges.


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  1. I lost my piece of paper so I am going to do it here:
    Yellow star–9,9
    Yellow football–2,8
    Green mario-6,9
    Black rocket–1,1
    Yellow monster-2,4
    Question mark-7,2
    Blue football-9,-2
    Brown monster-2,-2
    Yellow turtle–4,-3
    Green dinosaur–9,-6
    Red football–1,-8
    Super mario-8,-8