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Year 5 Spanish – Biscuits and cake request

Good Morning everyone! Year 5 have been learning how to order food in a café or restaurant, in Spanish AND we are doing really well.

Next week on Monday, we would like to set up a café scenario where you will be invited to order a drink and have biscuits or cakes in Spanish.

Could you all please bring in one packet of biscuits or cake/cupcakes for this session. This would be greatly appreciated. I will provide you all with tea, coffee and squash.

10 responses to “Year 5 Spanish – Biscuits and cake request”

  1. Aaminah A.

    Mrs Kiani, should I bring biscuits in as I am going ice skating on Monday?

  2. Safah D.

    Okay I will try to bring some cake into school!

  3. Nihit N.

    I will bring either a cake/cupcakes or I will bring cookies.

  4. Mosaver M.

    I’m going to bring some cupcakes.🧁

  5. Mrs Kiani

    Thank you everyone!

  6. Aysha R.

    Ok i will bring cake in .

  7. Simin W.

    OK, I will try and bring some for next week!

  8. Samanta V.


  9. Nihit N.

    Thank you for the information!

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