Year 4 Spring 1 Week 1 Homework

This week, you have some lovely homework activities. They need to be completed by Wednesday and you need to let your teacher know about any difficulties by Monday.


Using your week 2 spellings, create interesting and engaging sentences. Think about a variety of sentence openers, multi-clause sentences and your use of descriptive vocabulary to engage the reader. Who can create the most interesting sentences?


Complete the 12 times table challenge on Education city.

Wow Work

Can you create a model or draw a labelled diagram of an Anderson Shelter? It would be lovely to see detailed representations of the conditions experienced by those who had to use them during the blitz. We cannot wait to see them!

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  1. other- The other day ago i went to a wonderful ra4estraunt
    been- I have been to the monstrous and crazy zoo.
    food- The food i ate delicious food
    fox- The fox was bronze
    hurt- i hurt my sel f accidentally
    burn- the volcano burned everything down to ashes.
    length- length of the bus was massive
    Germany- Germany started a war on other countries.
    shelter- in the www2 they had shelters to protect soldiers

  2. Maths:

    I achieved 100 percent on Education City.


    Bicycle – My Dad bought me a bicycle for my seventh birthday.

    Bicep – Superheroes tend to have big biceps such as Hulk who is known for his huge biceps.

    Biscuit – On the weekends, I help my Sister bake shortbread biscuits because they’re my favorite.

    Mountain – When I’m older, I want to visit Mount Everest which is also one of the world’s highest mountains in the world.

    Volcano – There are many active volcanoes in Japan.

    Climate – The climate here is very mild and boring.

  3. My first education city task i got 200 and my second on is 100%.I have my also finished my wow homework and i will bring it in our school.😊😊😊

  4. English
    The other dog had my shoe.
    My food got because I didn’t eat quickly.
    There was a fox hiding behind the tree.
    I got hurt by the stone which was in the ground.
    There can be a way to save the bunny.
    There have been many accidents.
    I burnt the wood in the garden.
    The length of rope is quite long.
    I would like to visit Germany.
    I need to find shelter because its raining.

  5. 1. Muller hit his sister by accident and he apologised.
    2.During the football match Rashford scored an own goal accidentally.
    3. As a football fan, I oppose the VAR rule, but this is something which needs to be followed.
    4. During my journey to school we seen a car accident which led us to take the opposite route.
    5. My brother was buying a car from the Mercedes store. He needed a benefactor before he could buy the car because the cost of the car he liked was way over the budget.
    6. My dad is known as a benevolent person in the community as he always is happy to help others.
    7. Equality is something that I believe in. Showing equality in school is very important because there are certain laws which need to be followed.
    8. Germany has won the world cup 4 times which makes them one of the best national teams to play.
    9. One type of shelter which is well know in history is an Anderson shelter. An Anderson shelter was used in the world war for protection

  6. English
    What a happy family.
    Look at those big families!
    I oppose if someone tells me to do things that I don’t like.
    Day and night are opposites of each other.
    The actual answer is this one.
    I actually think it’s this one.
    People come out to demonstrate in a rare occasion.
    I occasionally go waterparks.
    Germany is a great place.
    People would usually go to Anderson or Morrison shelters in the WW2.

  7. 1. My family couldn’t go to the park yesterday because it was raining.
    2. Our families came over for Christmas dinner and we had fun together.
    3. I knew his answer was wrong so I opposed him.
    4. The sentence didn’t make sense because it was the opposite of what he said
    5. the actual number of people who sinned of registered for the show were less than those who attend
    6. I want my parents to buy me a doll but I actually want a Nintendo switch
    7. Christmas speail

    • 1. My family couldn’t go to the park yesterday because it was raining.
      2. Our families came over for Christmas dinner and we had fun together.
      3. I knew his answer was wrong so I opposed him in the debate.
      4. The sentence didn’t make sense because it was the opposite of what he said
      5. The actual number of people who registered for the show was less than those who attended.
      6. I want my parents to buy me a doll, but I actually want a Nintendo switch
      7. Christmas is a special occasion for Christians and children always have fun
      8. I love my grandparents and I visit them occasionally.
      9. Germany is a country in Europe and the capital city is Berlin.
      10. Humans need shelter to keep us warm from the cold.

  8. I have the best family on the universe .
    In WW2 families actually went in Anderson Shelter.
    Germany lost WW2
    The opposite of addition and subtraction

  9. Hello, I’ve decided to do all of the homework set for this week.
    I want to challenge myself; a step further towards-reality!
    (English Homework Note: I’m going to type in the interesting sentences on the blog since I think it would be easier for me and you guys)
    Week 2 spellings-
    1. Family… Life is important as it is, but ‘family’ is the key to improve the stability of actually achieving your life goals’.

    2. Families… ‘Families’ all around the world, are so supportive in order to keep their children healthy and athletic towards their problems!

    3. Oppose… How do we know that the best way to ‘oppose’ fascists is to build a united front?

    4. Opposite… Being emotionally threatened and saddened, is the total ‘opposite’ of being overjoyed with happiness.

    5. Actual… Being resilient is the ‘actual’ term of being confident with your engagement and resources.

    6. Actually… School is ‘actually’ enjoyable, presumably entertaining and educational!

    7. Occasion… It’s a total ‘occasion’ to see such confidential realms. Conveniently!

    8. Occasionally… I’m ‘occasionally’.. a ordinary person who has no experience in jobs’

    9. Germany… ‘Germany’ is countered as a civil, co-operative country!

    10. Shelter… Anderson ‘shelters’ are used as a defense mechanism in order to protect yourself’s from peculiar bombs and bombing? Amazing.
    I have done my education city, and scored a perfect 100%
    I will also bring in my “Anderson Shelter” while I’ve actually made a decent looking model!

  10. I completed maths on Education city and scored 100%.
    While my friend was playing someone accidently bumped into him.

    When I was eating my pizza express I forgot about my school donation by accident.

    My sister opposed me.

    As I standed in the living room there was something facing the opposite from me.

    Anderson shelters were used for protection from bombs in world war 2.

    Germany were the attackers during the second world war.

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