On Wednesday 25th October a group of children will be representing Broad Heath in a network festival. There will be 5 schools taking part from the network and Broad Heath will be entering 2 teams. We are really pleased to send the following students.

5 White: Simra, Manha, Anaya, Hamsia

6 Blue: Hasbia, Abdullah, Ahmed

6 Red: Tana, Ibraheem, Yaseen

6 White: Sarah, Noor, Rubab, Tipian, Miski

The competition will take part in the afternoon during school time. We are scheduled to be back for 3:20 – 5 minutes later than usual. Students will be able to walk home/ be collected from school as usual. If there are any questions please let me know.

Well done and good luck!

4 responses to “Year 5-6 Aspire Netball Festival”

  1. Manha S.

    Where is the competition taking part?

  2. Manha S.

    I am really looking forward to it…
    I hope we win.

  3. Tana I.

    Thank you kanisha I hope we would win.

  4. Kanishka P.

    Good luck

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