Year 5 / 6 Writing competition

Nature calls and we are looking for children to enter a writing competition. Every three months, we enter a new season. This competition would like you to write about a recent encounter you have had with nature – whether it’s kicking leaves in the park, finding a worm in the garden or watching a big beast like a red deer.

Step 1 – Go out one day to where there is some nature. It could be their local woods or beach, their garden, a farm, or simply the nearest park.
Step 2 – Write an article of 200-250 words telling us what they saw and what happened.
Step 3 – Bring your article to Mrs Morris by Monday 26th September.
Note that photos/drawings are helpful (especially landscape rather than portrait) but they are not a condition of entry.

Hint and Tips:
-Good nature writing starts with the senses – so what did you see and hear? What about smell and touch? Take notes when you’re out and about so you don’t forget.
-How would you describe what happened? Did it remind you of anything?
-It’s great to look up some extra information about what you saw, and tell us about that too. For example, if you saw a butterfly sunning itself, see if you can find out what type of butterfly it was, how long they live, whether they stay in the UK or migrate – any juicy titbits!
-You can think big, and describe the whole scene – the sky, the horizon, the landscape. Or you can think small, and tell us some details about the butterfly’s wings or the beetle’s markings.
– What did your encounter with nature make you think about? How did it make you feel?

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